Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (October 14th, 2022)

 To Wear Winter or Fall Clothes, Which One is Correct? #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

Greetings everyone,
This is Okamoto Hina (18), from Aichi, Japan.

Everyone, how are you doing?
It's been awhile since I took ballet lesson, my muscle been sore for the last 3 days
Once again, I'm reminded how important it is to maintain daily training.

And also, thank you very much to everyone who came to Meet & Greet the other day!
Those who come for the first time, those who haven't visit in awhile and those who come every time,
I love you all!

On the day of Meet & Greet, I kept thinking..
Will everyone come?.. will they give me some feedback..? If I do this hairstyle.. will they be pleased?..
I was grinning by myself thinking about it!.

I really love the night before the Meet and Greet, deciding on what outfit to wear or accessories and such!
Recently, I've been mimicking Asuka-san and I'm really into rings nowadays!
Asuka-san who are pretty even to her finger.. isn't she too amazing!?

The other day, Asuka-san was applying hand cream & I appealed that I wish to use the same aroma as Asuka-san,
She said, "Ah! hold on..."
In the end I managed to have matched handcream with Asuka-san, so I was really glad!

"2 more sleeps", I keep thinking about the day🌷🫣
The day until I meet everyone again and to fish you all!🀟🀟🀟

On the previous Meet & Greet, I did the Sheep-hair which was heavily requested by many!πŸ‘
I'd be happy if you could leave a comment on what hairstyle you'd like to see!
On the photo above, it's a potato hairpin I received from Tamami-san🍠
Life is wonderful!πŸ’›πŸ’œ

⤴︎︎︎⤴︎︎Naonao being sandwiched by the overdue jolly highschooler

Once again, memories added-upπŸ“Έ
Guys, thank you

Well then, Q&A corner for this week!

🍠 Hina-chan, what is your favorite juice?
πŸ’™ Even in a year, I may not drink it even once, I prefer water or tea..☕️

🍠 What is your favorite miso toppings?
πŸ’™ WakameΞΉ(˙◁˙ )/

🍠 Try closing your eyes, then type down your name!

Oh! I got it!
I'm such a phone addict..

🍠 Any Youtube you recommend??
πŸ’™ Gerrardon-san

- Things that often occur to female supervisor who's been working for 20 days straight
- Mutual matchmaking battle

I love these sorta stuffs

🍠 Hina-chan, how did you learn about make-up and doing your own hairstyle?
πŸ’™ I will find a cute girl, then I'll study them!

The angle of their eyeliner or how they get their eyelashes to rose-up,
I would spend all day in front of the mirror, figuring how I could best apply it to myself

🍠 What is your favorite Korean dish?
πŸ’™ Samgyeopsal!

By boiling the meat, it takes off the oil and doesn't make you feel guilty eating it!
At home, I often grill samgyepsal by myself, I'd sent photo of it to my family,
Unfortunately, only my father replied, "they seems delicious."

🍠 Tell me what cosmetics is a must buy according to Hina-chan!
πŸ’™ La Roche-Posay primer!

It's better to wear sunscreen all year-round, it brings out your clear-ness, so I really recommend it!
Also, Ririmew Sheer Matte Shading 01

It doesn't look dense even if you re-apply it, it creates a natural shades, so I really like it!



Thank you for all the questions!
Next will this corner will continue, so I wait your comments🎢

~ Shin・Nogizaka Star Tanjou ~
On the previous airing, I was given the opportunity to sing "Wakamono-tachi no Subete"!!
There were a lot of comments mentioning that I got better, I'm very glad to hear it!

At the Omitatekai, I have a complex with my crass voice,
Although I wasn't good at singing, I declared that I wanted to do my best!
Have I displayed a little of what I declared?
I will practice more  and more to be an idol who can sing and dance!
So please watch over me!🫣🫑

A photo I took after practice for Omitatekai
My condition was so rough, I'm unsure to even put this up.. (lol)

That's it!

Thank you for reading to the end!
Reading your comments have become my daily activies, thank you for all the interesting and delightful comments!

See you again in 10 days!

Tomorrow's blog will be by Aya!

Lately, Aya been calling me as Onee-san, what a bliss.
A little sister! she's so cute!!
We've gotten so close!!

If I say more than this, Kuu-chan will get jealous, I will continue this talk the other day🫑

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