NOGIBINGO!8 episode 02 (English Subtitles)

The continuation of Nogizaka's 3rd Generation Entrance Ceremony! In this second part, the remaining 3rd gen members will unexpectedly get pranked while they self promote themselves to the Nogibingo viewers! Also, a surprising reward for the member chosen to be the most promising in variety! 

Contributors :
Timer: himetanslonelydimple, GES
Translators: Bertowski, GES
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
TLC: Quini
Traduccion al Español: BlindAstaroth



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  1. thank u very...3x much 4 the sub :D

  2. LOVE it

    looking forward to next release :)

  3. Same guy who had the soft sub error from last time... I honestly am not sure why it acts weird just for me.. Maybe its because I do have Aegisub installed on my computer or maybe Zoom Player that i use is changing it on its own but its not a big deal cause I know how to fix it.. Thanks for the subs like always, glad you guys are committing to this season

    1. just in case your wondering, this is the 1st line I see when i open the soft subs with Aegisub

      {\p1\fscx27\fscy27\pos(1213.333,26.667)\fad(0,0)}m -214.625 30 l -167.375 30 b -125.375 29.375 -98 -9.375 -119.375 -16 b -100 -19.375 -70 -51.375 -98 -56 l -151.375 -56 l -214.625 30
      and the numbers keep going on for like another 12-15 lines

    2. That would be the logo. From what I see, there is nothing wrong with the line, it's just a coordinated drawing. Even the Nogibingo Yellow Signs are more complex since they are also drawings but use more complicated features like clipping.

      The two media players I would recommend for our softsubs are MPC-HC and VLC, I can't really help you with any others besides those two.

      Like I said last time, we tested it among the team and no one had trouble playing the video WITH the softsubs, only a few team members had trouble OPENING the softsubs with Aegisub, but most of us were fine.

    3. Its all good, not complaining... i truly appreciate the subs...

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