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Vivid Green - Okamoto Hina

Good afternoon.

It's Okamoto Hina, 18 years old, from Aichi, Japan.
It's the season of the blowing southerly winds, it's the season where you can smell the fragrance of greenness.
The sight of green trees bathed in the rain is refreshing to the eyes🌿🍃.

The other day, I've received your fan letters📮
This is the second time I have received letters in my 18 years of life,
The first time I received one was in the winter of my 3rd year of high school.
In my ballet school, we have a baby class for 3-5 year olds in which I assisted the teacher as an assistant,
I would give ballet lessons, taught choreography, and so on.

Since I love little kids, each and every lesson was really enjoyable and fun.
“Big sis.. big sis..” and everyone would adorably gather around, just recalling those memories bring a smile to my face.
When the lesson was over, and I was sending everyone off as usual, I received an envelope from one of the mothers.
Inside the envelope was a letter with my portrait written, “I love you, Hina-chan,”.
I recall that happiness.
I brought the letter to Tokyo and put it inside my treasure box.

My first fan letter..
I read it over and over again.

For you take your time to pick up the letter, picking up the pen,
to convey your feeling to me.
I am very grateful to all the fans that took their time to share their feelings with me.

Once again, to the fans who sent me their fan letters
Thank you so much.
I love you.

and so, let's jump to this week's
    ⤵︎ ⤵︎
    Question Corners!


Q. What is your favorite doll you have in your house? 🧸
A. A white rabbit with stretchy ears and legs that I got from the arcade when I and Naonao went out together!🐰 

I hug~ it as I sleep!

Q. What clothes you want to try this year?
A. The stylish one, I suppose(?)

I will never forget the beautiful lady I passed on the street, I hope to be like her someday.
I usually wear neat coordinates such as dresses and long skirts 👗
By the way, the frame of my figure is curvy✋
I am peculiar about how my clothes would compliment my frame beautifully, that's something I paid attention to when I decide on clothes


Q. What do you use for eyeshadow?

Glitter Rock Eyes BR403

When I go shopping, I would ensure to look for some cosmetics, and with that I can assure you this one is the most beautiful.

It is best applied after creating a shadow with a light gray color on the eyehall.
On days when I don't have much time, I just use a single color and be done with it!
But even so the result would still be very beautiful.


The makeup artist would asks, “What eyeshadow do you use?” “Which number is this?”
they would ask and note it down.
Dear, makeup artist-san, I'm sorry for always being so persistent (dogeza).

I will continue to share any excellent cosmetics I found💌💭

Q. Your favorite number?
A. 17, I was born on the 17th, and 17 can be read as Hina!

Q. What were your club activities?
A. I was in Art club for a month!

Q. What's your favorite kind of tea! 🍵
A. Houjicha!

I love the aroma ͛. *🍃.

Q. Nuts's favorite place in your hometown, Aichi?
A. I love to visit Gamagori in Aichi to rejuvenate myself!

In Gamagori there's this Takeshima Aquarium where my father and mother used to take me when I was younger🏖🐠☀️


“Everyday I look forward to Hina's next blog.”

Every time I see a comment from someone who looks forward to my blog, it motivates me to write the next blog that surely can be enjoyed! Yes! I am motivated💪

As I'm also looking forward to your comments every day
, I can say it's a mutual feeling🙃
Thanks to all of you, the fans who leaves various comments that I could excitedly waiting for my next relay turn☺️

Thanks again for all your comments and questions!
I would be glad if many of you could get to know me a little better🌷
I look forward to more questions!

And last week I was given the opportunity to went to watch “CROSS ROAD” in which Hayakawa-senpai is performing🙇♀️

The dance and singing was too mesmerizing that I couldn't take my eyes off the stage-play👀
What is talent? I continuously question it through the years I'm doing ballet.
“It's also a talent to realize that you don't have it and to work on it.”
I feel like I received a little hint this time.
And I've come to love these words.
It was a very nice play that I would love to watch again and again✨

Tomorrow's blog will be the tomato loving~🍅

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