Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (February 3rd, 2021)

I want this to have a cool title

I'm from Chiba prefecture, 2nd year highschool,17 years old,
Matsuo Miyu ¨̮

Thank you for the other days' meet & greet ♪

I'm so happy that I fiiiiinally got to talk to you guys! 

Showing me cute stuff posted in your rooms, said "I made cake!" while lighting up the candles above it, It's exactly because it's held online that we can do a lot of things and I've received lots of smiles!

To everyone who's always posting comments on my blogs,  to those who say, "I've been a fan since your kenshuusei days!", and to those who say, "We've been waitong~!",

You guys were all filled with warmth more than I've ever imagined, I'm so grateful,

I'll do my best so that I can properly return all your efforts! 

To those who came on the first part, I apologize as it was my first time so I was nervous and all over the place (、._. )、

Right now, the feeling of wanting to talk to you guys overcomes my nervousness. (*ˊᵕˋ*)
This was during the 2nd part~

The meet & greets resume on the 7th!!
I'll be on your care! (ง ꙭ)ง

Let's talk lots! ╭│ᵕ̈│╯

This was during the 3rd part~

By the way, during the 4th part, I wore a twintail and curled my hair during the 5th part~

Thinking about what hairstyle to do is so fun (*¨*)

Please tell me if you guys have requests ˊᵕˋ

And then~

I'm featured on YanMaga-sans "Sakamichi Next Generation+"

Sakurazaka46s Masumoto Kira-chan and Hinatazaka46s Takahashi Mikuni-chan are also featured!

↑↑You can pick any one of these! ↑↑

You can see them using a free membership! (  Ꙭ)

It will be up for a month, please check it out if you can!

Here are offshots!

 And then and then!! 

Today is Nao-chans birthday!! 


Happy Birthday!! 

and...I love you


Let's make this a year filled with happiness

It was Higuchi Hina-san on January 31st,

and it was Renka-san on February 2nd, 

Happy Birthday!! 

May the world be filled with smiles!!

( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )


✽ Myuu-chan, have you eaten your ehoumaki? 

I made kimbap and ate that instead~

✽ Myuu-chan, what do you do whenever on commute wether by car or by train? 

I sleep 67% of the time  ᜊﬞﬞ ᶻᶻᶻ

✽ Do you have more impersonations other than Yuri-chab in your repertoire?

Disneys cast, I can do the lines from Disneys Tower of Terror and Pooh-sans Honey Hunt! 

✽ Myuu-chan, Please tell me what kind of Manga or Anime you like!


✽ I want to know how you do your skin care! 

I have very dry skin, so if I use stuff carelessly, my face stings so currently I only use Vaseline (∵)

✽ The title of the 26th Single is 『I will come to love myself』, Myuu-chan, do you love yourself? 

I'm doing my best to become my ideal person so I won't come to hate myself.

✽ Do you have any movies you've seen recently? 

I watched 『Tenki no Ko』yesterday! 

✽ Myuu-chan are you a Milk Tea person or a Lemon Tea person? 

Milk Tea!! 

And then!

I'm saying "And then" a lot today

Today, at 19:00 to 20:00, 

is the Nekojita SHOWROOM with yan-chan! ╭│ᵕ̈│╯╭│ᵕ̈│╯

Please watch it if you have time (  Ꙭ)

Before that, it's Yuna-chans' NogiObi at 18:15 (∩ˊᵕˋ∩)

Well then, See you later~  (。・・)ノ゙

That's all from myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

¨̮ 10 ¨̮

−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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