Blog Translation: Matsuda Konoka (January 24th, 2021)

When I realized, it's already 1 month since...

Greetings! This is Hinatazaka46's Matsuda Konoka

Today is January 24th, so it's been a month since I returned from hiatus at Hinakuri!

Time sure flies ~ ~

I cut my hair a little bit✂️

The other day, I bought an eco bag while I'm doing groceries.

When I was checking out, I originally wanted to put my groceries in the eco bag I bought, but the cashier already put the eco bag inside the shopping bag before I actually say it.

I should have tell him/her there, but I had already paid the money, and I didn't want to be considered a troublesome person, so I went home as it was🙃

Looking back, did he/she even ask me whether if I need the shopping bag? I don't remember being asked, though....

I bought an eco bag on purpose to make a good use of it, but unfortunately it didn't happen lol

( ᐛ )٩و( ᐛ )٩و( ᐛ )٩و( ᐛ )٩و( ᐛ )٩

Finally, today, we have received the documentary film of Hinatazaka46 "3rd Year Debut" !!!!

When I got home, I started by watching the director's cut version, and it was 173 minutes long! Roughly 3 hours long big volume! 😳

Right now I'm pausing the show for a while and start writing this blog lol

The main story is only 119 minutes, so I think the director's cut version is a must-watch!!!

For you who are thinking the theatre release (cinema version) is already great, actually, there are many parts that are not included there, so please check the BD/DVD out!


💿Main DISC (theater release version)

💿Bonus DISC 1 (Director's Cut Complete Edition)

💿Bonus DISC 2 (Announcements, unreleased PR comment video,  LINE LIVE commemorative)

All members postcards were also included!

I didn't know until I opened it, so it was also a surprise for me.

Please take a look!


Saito Kyoko-san's 1st photobook has been released👏🏻

I got it today and had a good time reading it at home☀️

I can't help but grin while I'm staring at the postcard LOL

It made me happy to see Kyoko-san, full of her feelings, innocent and cute, but mature at the same time☺️

It was nice to feel like I was on a date✨

I want to share my favorite page, but since I didn't know the page number, so I will tell you with the pictures and scenes!!!

Crouching and looking up!

Light blue camisole dress!

It's on the right side of the pages!

Do you understand ?? Lol

May Kyoko-san's photobook reach many people out there🥰

Thank you for reading my blog☀️

See you (ᐛ) ٩

Translator : marco

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