Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (December 31st, 2020)



Matsuo Miyu here ¨̮

I'm from Chiba prefecture, 2nd year highschool,16 years old ¨̮

2020 will end today huh
What are you guys up to this New years eve?

For me, I'm eating sweet persimmons since this morning. 

And then, we'll be performing on the 71st Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

It's a program which I watched from our house eversince, 
I'm really grateful that I'll be able to stand on the same grand stage our senpais have performed in, I'm going to give it everything I got! 

Thank you so much!

I'm also happy that I'll be able to spend a bit of time with you guys this new years eve! 

It's a pleasure! 

Yesterday was the 『62nd Japan Record Awards』

『Sekaijuu no Rinjin yo』was a song whose MV was shot by ourselves during the stay home period.

It was the very first MV I participated in, so I'm glad that it has kind lyrics that can resonate woth every person in the world. A really wonderful song!

And yesterdays costumes!!! 

They were like princesses, they were so cute and pretty, eversince the fittings of the costumes, I was looking at them as if my eyes turned into hearts! 

They were really cute weren't they?

I'd be glad if I have the opportunity to wear those someday.

Each of the sleeves, the collars, and the ribbons were unique, and I really love how thin it is!  ⸜❤︎⸝‍

Also, how do you say this, the gloves? was really cute! 

Everyone was really beautiful!!
Today, I did some waves in my hair with a straight iron for the first time. 

A reply conference~ 

✽ A want a question and answer corner!!!

Lets do it! 

✽ Have you ever done a "I did 〇〇 alone!"?

I live alone

✽ What kind of animal cry is『HoーHoー』

Its a humans.

It was called a santa clause or santa-san for short.

✽ Are you looking at the comments? ( ¨̮⋆)

I am. ( ఠ͜ఠ )

✽ What's the New year at the Matsuo Residence like?

My granny and mommy prepares the new years eve food, 
My dad cuts the sashimi, and I prepare the kamaboko every year in a cute way relating to what animal year it is on the zodiac! 

My onee-chan just sleeps.

✽ Is myuu-chan doing fine?

She's doing great!!!

✽ You really have this image of wearing white clothes, what color usually comes to your mine when picking clothes? 

Certainly! I do have a lot of white clothes. 

But I am thinking that dark colors are nice too! Today, Izm wearing a black one-piece!!! 

The top is a bit shortsleeved so I'm wearing a sweater to hide it ( ´•༝• ` )

✽ I'm recently troubled wabou what song to listen to. do you have any recommendations?

I do! 

I really like Ueno Juuri-san, eversince I was a kid, I liked 『Nodame Cantabile』and I loved the parts by Ueno Juuri-san! It's like listening to the color of kindness and warmth. I love it! 

I also watched the movie 『Hidamari no Kanjo』recently. 

Wothin this film, there's a song called 『Wouldn't it be nice』where the lyrics resonates so heavily with the movie. 

Within movies, Ueno Juuri-san usually hums and I thought that humming suits her the best in this world. 

✽ what would you name that stuffed toy that looks like a cross between a lazy person and a unicorn? 

Ah! I was really troubled about that! I couldn't decide what I like. 

So I just ask you guys? 

Loosely wanted 『A name for that one who looks like a cross between a lazy person and a unicorn』

✽ What are your thoughts aboit being a 16 year old turning 17?

I had a lot of firsts being 16, and a lot of things I found that I love, like meeting a new me! 

I want to be closer to the me who looks forward to turning 17!

✽ If you're summarizing this year with a single word (single kanji), what would it be?


2020 is nearly at its end, so let's spend it while having fun! 

Thank you so much for this year! 

Having started this blog and reading comments really gave me happiness. 

I'm still not able to meet you guys in person, but we already have a scheduled meet and greet at the start of the year! 

I'm looking forward to talking to you guys! 

I'm slowly building up excitement until the day where I meet you guys in person! 

Thank you so much! 

I'm looking forward to being with you guys this 2021! 
Why the twintails? 

that's all from 2020s myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

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