Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (September 21st, 2020)

Otsukaresama desu! It's Hayashi runa and I'll be talking about my oshi.

Thanks for the hard work today as well.
It's Hayashi Runa, the (new) 4th generation member of Nogizaka46.
16 years old, 2nd-year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture

I'm Hayashi Runa, the sixteenager that didn't bloom. 
(reference to marika-sensei's PV(hana-saku sixteen) but at the contrary)
Don't lose, don't be discouraged, Hayashi Runa! Today is another day of ganbarun............
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyõ mo ichinichi ganbarun......... )

                      Ganbarubii ! ! ! ! !

This is my 30th round of the blog relay.

Today, September 21st.
It's the birthday of Kurosawa Ruby, my oshi!
("Love! live" idol)
Happy birthday!!!!

( ⚠︎ Starting from here I'll be talking about Ruby for a while, if you're right now in a "Who is that person?" state then you might want to skip this part)

It's a roll!
I started liking Kunikida Hanamaru-chan(from the same idol group) when the character designs were first revealed on the official website, and I became a Ruby fan after the TV anime started after that. 
That was when I was in the first year of junior high school.
I didn't have many friends, and I couldn't communicate with my classmates very well.
To be more exact, I could follow the flow when comes to do simple talks with them, but I didn't have any girls at my side that I liked that deeply.
I continued as a solo-otaku for a while, and around winter I met my first friend who was into the same anime I was into!

I really miss going to all kinds of events with her/him. And with my Ruby's itchy backpack.

Therefore, I haven't been a fan of µ's since their beginning, but I've been an otaku of Aqours-san since they started.
( µ's is the idol group of the first season of"love! live", and Aqours is the idol group of "love! live! sunshine" the next season or so)

I can only think "Congratulations Ruby, you have a solo album coming out!"

There are a few songs that particularly moved me, and of course I love them all and can't stand them, so...


If you like Ruby I'm sure you could understand this, but to be honest there are few Ruby's parts in this song.

However, I'm so happy when I hear all the Ruby-chan's parts in Happy-Train.
It may be rude, but I can't help but think "aah you're doing your best isn't... so remarkable isn't..."

And then it's, 「SKY JOURNEY」

You can't forget this, Ruby is the center of the bottom chorus in this song.

In Happy-Train, the solo parts are chosen from the members who ranked highest in the general election for the senbatsu, but it's the opposite in this song.

I really like the lyrics of this song, and I'm deeply attached to this song because it starts with Ruby.

Also, I have nothing but respect for the voice actress, Furuhata Ai-san, who is the voice of Ruby.
It's amazing that she can preserve her character so much and sing with it.
And I got off on a tangent for a bit, but Hayashi likes her bun very much.

I may have written a very long explanation, but I really wish Kurosawa Ruby a very happy birthday!!!

Cotton Candy... Ei... Ei... Oh!
(Ruby's solo album' song)

It's a pretty blown-up music video, but isn't it a bit odd that the last song has the same outfit from the past?

I really like it


These are poses that are popular between Sayaka and me lately.

Let me answer your questions.

Q I recently started running so,
Do you have a song you would recommend for running?

Don't mind if they're from Nogizaka or not!

A To start off with, it has to be「I see...」. I think it's easy to build up the momentum while you're with the spirits high.

Once you get up to speed, you can listen to your favorite song and,
the last five minutes to your home can be done doing a sentimental walk.

If you're in summer, it could be "Hito-natsu no nagasa yori..."
And if it's winter, I suggest " Kimi ni okuru hana ga nai"

ahh.. but it's autumn now isn't...?

Let's go with "Yasashisatowa" then.

Q How is the recent situation of Kiraruna? I can't sleep at night because I'm always anxious thinking of the bean sprout supremacist.
(hayashi's title)

A Back in the past, we would be exchanging each other strange voice messages as usual.

But recently, at the moment that you knew I was going to be at Rajiraa!-san, we just exchanged a "Ganbatte ne".

Q Question time!!!
Tell me about a recent little happy episode that happened to you!

A It's not a little happy, it's actually a decently happy one, but,

I was on the phone with Rika the other day, and just before we hung up she asked me,

「Will you love Rika no matter what?」

I was like,

kya~ boyfriend and girlfriend affairs!

It's not that. I was just trying to answer a question for you this time.
However, I forgot to put a call for entries.

I will do it next time, till then, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Thank you for all your comments as always.

I recently read your fan letters.

Some of you sent them to me when I was a trainee.

I'm so touched that some of you even asked if I used all of their letterheads.

Thank you so much.


Tomorrow is Myu-chan.

With each dance, Miyu's practice solo videos are accumulating.
(every lesson they have is properly recorded)

I want to look back at them in some years.

Today from 25:29 to 25:59

"Nogizaka skits" will be broadcasted by Nippon Television Network.

I'll be doing a routine of a certain comedian in particular.

By the way, Rika send a voice message in which I was practicing the "kyun-kyun hospital ward 24 hrs".
(the routine from nogizaka skits? I forgot the name)



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