Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei (July 28th, 2020)

You're in a pinch right now, aren't you (^▽^)!

It's Seimiya Rei(せいみや れい)

have you watched Nogizaka skits already?  (*´ `)♡
On the show I was a cheerleader.

Yuna・Rei・Seira, the three of us were the "smiling girls"!
My hair there looked like this~~
The three of us were wearing big ribbons of different colors ♪

the routine "Audition" I love it so much lol

Yumiki-chan & Hayashi-chan's "aru-aru expeditionary squad" was really the best.
(aru- aru~ means like "it is~ it is~, I leave it like that for better)
wasn't that manzai really good? lol
(2-person routines/jokes, the mother of the japanese comedy)
as I knew, being from Kansai is the best~~

That about the rhythm of Yuri that didn't match with the music was also a very important factor. 
I also liked how the music was too relaxed. I liked all of it.

The two Amagasaki sisters resembled each other visually, and more importantly, they had very similar voices~
Kakiseira( '֊' )

I still can't get a picture with everyone, so I'm getting rusted !

Lately, when I talk to the members, we talk about the Principals.
It's been a year already~ that's fast!
There were times when it was hard, but somehow it was fun.

I got a lot of good food from the supply!
That was a small pleasure every day.

The hardest thing for me was to remember all the lines of the roles.
But the director, the assistant director, the staff, and the production staff were all really good people, and they supported us a lot.

I was fighting with sleepiness every day.
that happens very often lol
Saku and Ayame
the three of us used to mix the dialogue lines a lot.
We've got a new 4th gen joining us, will we do it again?
I want to play the Ray's role!


saku being chased by kakki
this was in the middle of winter.
The 5 or so of us had a sleepover for about three nights in a row!
This is a picture of that time, I was talking with Kaki earlier about how much I want to do it again ( ¨u¨ )
I hope we can do that soon.

will be something like this?


at the last, an announcement.

8/3(mon)  19:00〜21:00
air on fuji tv: 「Nep league」

8/3(mon)  「B.L.T SUMMER CANDY 2020」



see ya~


Translator: rororz2

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