Poll results!

In total, there were 918 responses, but in reality it was in the 700-800 range since some responses were the same votes by the same submitters.

I was thinking of subtracting votes from the options that received a spam of votes, but in the end, it didn't really matter much since the Top 5 were SO FAR ahead from the rest.

We will only reveal 5, just to avoid building expectations for the rest in case we don't get to them. We will give priority to the Top 3, and after that we will work down the list at our own pace if no other projects surface.

1. Making of Live in Tokyo Dome (433 votes)

2. Why Did You Come to Japan? (416 votes)

3. 3 Members on a Journey (398 votes)

4. Pan to Basu to 2 Dome no Hatsukoi (282 votes)

5. NOGIBINGO!8 Bonus - 3rd Gen Lunch Party (271 votes)

Thank you all for participating!

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  1. Thank you for your hard work BEAM! happy to know that you are part of nogifandom :)


  2. Oh, cool! Thanks in advance for the subs. I appreciate the hard work you're gonna put in.

    But dang, not the ones I voted for. Maybe sometime....

  3. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. thanks for your work! I'll be waitting for the subs! ganbatte!

  5. Beam Subs Team. I'm still hopeful for Asahinagu Stageplay sub after the above done, plz.

  6. Really looking forward for your sub, FAITO!!!

  7. too bad that asahinagu stage play and nogiten didnt make it. but Thanks in advance for the subs. I appreciate the hard work you're gonna put in. :D

  8. Wow. I'm shocked that nogiten and nogieigo are so far down the list. I guess I'm in the minority thinking the "making of" videos are really boring, but I always appreciate the work you guys put into translating these.

  9. Yes! No. 1 and no. 4!
    No. 1 is one of the most tear-flooding graduation.
    Give love to Maimai in No. 4
    As always thanks for all the effort you're putting in the subbing projects :)


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