Nogiten 2 - Himetan’s Last Message (English Subtitles)

Himetan's last words on Nogiten 2, a small project by one of our translators. Nogibingo will be released as usual, hope you all look forward to it. 

Contributors :
RAW Provider: Amajingu
Translator: Bertowski
Español: himetanslonelydimple, Quini

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  1. :)

    as this year will end soon

    hime and marika will grad from nogi, will miss them so much.

    and today or tomorrow, will be marika's last HS

  2. The only reason why I like Nogizaka46 is because of her, I don't speak japanese nor understand but I'll try my best to keep myself updated to her. As for thank you Beam Subs team for the hard work on the subtitles and translation keep it up! I'll be visiting the website from time to time to see updates :D :lv


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