Blog Translation: Yuuki Yoda (July 10, 2017)

Yuuki Yoda - Effort, Gratitude, Smiles
(official blog july 10, 2017)
Translation by: Queenachima

Hello everyone
This is Yuuki Yoda.

I saw footage of the damage caused by the so-far unprecedented downpour on the news. (Kyuushuu region).

Rich in nature and fresh air 
The places me and my family drove down to on the weekends to get fresh vegetables, fruit and local honey has shifted into a completely different landscape. It pains my heart.

While my thoughts are with all of those directly affected by the disaster, I also pray that the restorations will be completed as swiftly as possible.

There doesn’t appear to have been any major damage in the area surrounding my hometown. All of you who showed concern in the comment section of my previous blog - thank you.


I was selected to centre the 18th single alongside Momoko Oozono.
I’m not sure if I can collect my thoughts properly since I’m the first to blog after the announcement got aired
But I would appreciate if you would read them regardless.

The moment my name got called, I got overwhelmed with both nervosity and anxiety. It wasn’t until I saw watched the airing on TV that it finally sank in.

Joining the group as part of the 3rd gen last year on September 4th. My first photo shoot, the welcoming event, stage play, stand alone live, other concerts, TV appearances.

As I’ve been experiencing all these new things, ten months have already passed.

I don’t posses any particular skill beneficial to an idol, nor do I have any prior experience in the entertainment business. Unable to tell left from right, I’ve entered this world from nothing.

I’ve simply been giving it my all with every task that’s been handed to me, without really expecting or knowing what would come next.

Last year, around this time, I was but a normal high schooler. But during these ten months I’ve experienced dreamlike bliss, nervosity to the point where my body started shaking. I’ve felt disheartened; frustrated, but I’ve also been brought back on my feet again by the other members.

These ten months have been the richest (in experience), and also quickest ten months in my entire life.

Prior to entering Nogizaka I treated everything fairly nonchalantly.
If there’s something I can’t do, there’s always someone else who can take on that job instead.

Telling myself “I can’t do it anyway, so there’s no point in even trying”
Instead of facing challenges, I took the safest route available.

During team efforts, I never took any initiatives, and rarely did I make any real contributions. I was the type of person who would just hide behind the ones who did.

I was afraid of failure. For that very reason, I thought that if you don’t even attempt things, you can’t fail them.
This is who I was.
But because of Principal, and all the other activities since joining the group, I think I’ve started to change that side of me.

As I’d never given anything any effort until now I hadn’t realized it but. If I just do the same thing as everyone else normally, I am going to lag behind. In order for me to be just average, I need to put in even more work than your average person.
Although I haven’t been in the group for long, it’s thanks to my activities in Nogizaka46 that I’ve come to understand this about myself.

This is exactly why I can no longer waste time whining about things I can’t do. If I have time to cry, I should use it to practice. The rehearsals for our stand alone live taught me this.
If it was the me from one year ago I’d have fled the scene at least once, I am sure of that.

I’ve only been in Nogizaka for 10 months, but the experiences from it has taught me a lot. However, I can’t let down my guard yet.
I’m gonna work even harder to absorb even more things from now on.

I love Nogizaka46.
Being able to join my beloved Nogizaka, and standing in its centre.
While I do feel a lot of pressure, I also see this as a big chance for personal growth, so I want to do my utmost to utilize it and change for the better.

As of now I’m still lacking in way too many areas, and I keep relying on everyone else.
I want to become stronger.

I’m gonna give it my all.
Please look after me for the 18th single!




I appear on the cover together with Nanase and Miona!
We climbed trees and got into a pool.
I’m really happy in the photos too since I got to do a shoot with my beloved seniors(*^^*)
I climbed a tree!

*Bessatsu Kadokawa

I appear together with with Momochan, Kubochan and Riria!
They were as cute as always.
The styling had quite a mature feel to it(^^)

*FLASH Special

I went on a picnic with Mizuki!
Because it was raining, a lot of earthworms started appearing, and Mizuki who’s scared of them, was so cute. ( ̄+ー ̄)

The photos with the cake are my favourites✨

I’ll write about the concerts and reply to a lot of blog comments in my next blog(>_<)
It’s on July 22nd!
Thanks for reading!

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