Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei, Terada Ranze (August 11th, 2020)


it's the member from the 4th gen, Seimiya Rei☺︎

Thank you very much for yesterday's CDTV Live! Live!

We had so much fun on the stage in front of the pool, and also with summer in full throttle! however, it was hot! (≧▽≦)

And I've been itching to tell you that I've cut my hair 8cm shorter (´.`)
It's been about a year since I cut it this shorter~

I wanted to show you that at CDTV first, so I kept it a secret...! And now I finally could said it!

with a monkey...

It's getting insanely hot in August~!
We're going to reach 40 degrees...

I'm trying to drink 2 liters of water everyday!

I didn't like water before and I used to be so mad about not wanting to drink it, but once I got into the habit it went smoothly.
Make sure you're all drinking liquids properly!

Replying to the comments of my last blog (*´`)♡

⭘ Thanks for the blog update!  I love you, Rei-chan!

Thanks for checking my blog!! And thanks for liking me!

⭘ I'm not sure if I should cut my hair like a mushroom or shorten it even more, which one should I try?

Personally, I like the mushroom-ish look for the bangs, but I think it would be the best if you ask to your hairdresser to give you a haircut that suits you the best, just like that you can have the coolest look possible!

⭘ Please tell me about your music playlist! ♪

I'm not listening to a lot of Japanese music these days.
And if I've to choose genres, it would be the OST of my favorite drama, or just the sound of the rain.
In my playlist I carefully selected 22 of my favorite songs in it (' ᵕ ')

⭘ What kind of fish do you like?

Salmon, bonito and shrimp!

One of the members said that she likes it when I have it shorter

I'd like to see "3rd Year Debut" of Hinatazaka46-san (' ᵕ ')
I'm definitely going to cry, but I love documentaries~
Have you guys seen it yet?

And also it's 「Grand blue」 with Yoda-san!
It's definitely going to be fun! It's unthinkable that it'd be boring~
I was told to watch it with an empty mind, so I'll watch it when my head is empty☺︎‬

Well then, that's enough for today
Bye~ bye~

This is how the plain version would look like

.............................................................. ♪ ♪ ♪ ..............................................................


Ever since I was a little kid, writing song lyrics has been one of my hobbies
I don't know if I'd call it a hobby thought...

And for the first time in years, I wrote down a few words
it's nothing important,
but I've tried to write down some of them that may be useful in some situations.

Also, recently I tried to mix up the dialects and foreign languages, by just putting them all together.

for example, interjections for paying attention, like...

yeah! (うん!(informal "yes"))
Yes! (はい!(formal "yes"))

when I'm like
I'm troubled by the similarity in pronunciation between Chinese and Korean, 
I can't understand which language I'm speaking and my mind gets dazing.

I'd like to learn different languages and make lyrics using them.
Also, "there are things you can learn that can't be found in textbooks"...
I think that Hinako said that to me a long time ago.
If I recall, I was talking about my favorite subject, the space

I love spending time researching those things☺️
there's a lot of things we haven't learned, 
and also a lot of things we will never know 
even if we live for decades from now.

that thought makes me realize that I can get more done in my day.

Sorry for intrude at "Top-me toreru kana".
I was already told that Ranze-chan talks a lot.
I enjoyed it because it was so frank and relaxed.
(it's a program that it's leaded by Nakada Kana about mahjong, on Tbs)

It's true, I love to talk a lot...
I'm very interested in things I don't know anything about.
and it's pretty cool to be able to play mahjong, isn't it?

"would you get the top spot...?" (top-me toreru kana)
I'm sorry to have bothered you too, Rajira-

I didn't expect it to be such a fun and warm place after about a year since I was in it.

Happy birthday, Asuka-san~
please let me say it here

I'll love you forever and ever ☺️️
Congratulations to Rika-chan too,
and also to Yuri-chan and Kaki-chan!
It's like there's a lot of Nogizaka46 that were born in August.
No, it seems like there are a lot of people who were born in August.

it's summer isn't ~! !

I take this before my coming of age ceremony

Congratulations on the release of your photo book!☺️

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