Nogizaka Under Construction episode 85 (English Subtitles)

The most voted for and winner of our last poll, Nogizaka Under Construction episode 85! In this episode, the girls will reveal other member's unknown characteristics! This episode is filled with tense but friendly confrontations and revelations! 

Contributors :
Timer: SiopaoSniper
Translator: Yukirin Worlder
Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple
TLC: Martin Calden
QC: Quini

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  1. whoaa
    finally :)

    thank you so much BEAM

    looking forward to your next release :)

  2. Thankssss!!!!

    And would you mind to translate nogichuu every week since GEES (maybe) won't translate it because of Keyabingo 3 ?

  3. Thanks for the subs! Really appreciate your great work!


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