Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (August 17th, 2020)

 Thanks for your hard work! it's a busy writer, Hayashi Runa.

Thanks for the hard work today as well.
It's Hayashi Runa, the (new)4th generation member of Nogizaka46.
16 years old, 2nd-year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture.

I'm the sixteenager Hayashi Runa that didn't bloom. 
(reference to marika-sensei's PV(hana-saku sixteen) but the contrary)
Don't lose, don't be discouraged, Hayashi Runa! today is another day of hard work!!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyõ mo ichinichi ganbaruna! )

This is the 23rd round of the blog relay.

↑ this is me now.


Q. I really want to see an episode or pics with you and Kira-chan!

A. The other day we had a video call, it was like 4 hours and so.

There is a picture of the two of them together at Masumoto-chan's blog.


I'll be answering the questions from today.

Q. It's nice to answer questions honestly.
Runa has a rich vocabulary, so it goes straight to your heart.

That is why I hope you could keep answering them.

A. I'm a simple person so I'll keep doing it.

Q. I'm writing a novel about [Festival], so what are the things you would definitely eat at a festival, Runachosu?

A. Runachosu!? it's the first time someone's calling me like that. That "Chosu" from where it comes? Chosu...

Takoyaki, candied apple, Ikayaki, and that kind of crispy pasta that hurts if it touches your upper jaw......

I can eat almost anything.

Q. If you'd like to send a message to a radio, what pen name would you use?

A. A japanese living in Japan, ♡Runachosu♡

Q. I want to have the same hairstyle as Hayashi, but I shaved my head, so if I grow my hair long enough, it will take me years to grow like that. However, my desire to have the same hairstyle isn't over. 

A. Actually I also cut my hair recently.

Does that lower the bar a bit?

Q. question.
Runa-chan, you said you went to a comiket before, was it the comiket of the summer?

or was it on the winter comiket?

A. it was at the winter comiket.

It's a pic when I was at 1°grade of Junior HS.

Q. I'm sorry to bother you. It's my dream to be an idol. I haven't told anyone and this is the first time I'm going to talk to you. I also want to become an idol for someone, so I came to ask this question because I think I have the same reasons to be one as Runa-chan's.
I'm worried that my face is not suitable for an idol, and I'm not sure if it's ok to dream of being an idol instead of following the path my parents had in mind. However, I can't give up on my dream of being an idol, what should I do? I hope this question will reach you, Runa-chan. I'll be waiting for your answer!

A. well... first, even though it's the first time you're writing to me, is it ok to write it here where everyone can see it...? 
I think it should be okay so I'll write.
[Looking back] let's see, the first reason I auditioned back then was,[I want to meet cute girls, so it'd be my mission to make it happen]. But somehow in the middle my feelings started to change, and then my thoughts turned to an [ I want to look back].
What's an idol face? I'm sure there isn't one.
In fact, if we judge by our own standards, I don't have an idol face either.
What your parents thought of for you is of course important. The person who raised you and took care of you the most has been thinking the path that you should take. And probably a lot. 
But isn't the answer already decided when you say that "I can't give up"?

Your own path is a worthy one.

Let's walk on the sidetrack once in a while.

Q. I saw your self-introduction using integration before, so
I've come up with a new "formula" for the self-introduction

|30 4|

|4 30|

that's called like a matrix system so,
(Don't they do determinants in high school now?)

and with the procedure turns to: 

30^2-4^2=900-16=884 (ha-ya-shi)

while doing 
in the past I was wondering if I could make something interesting while using a matrix, and then I came up with this, and for that I wanted to send it to you.

If you like please use it as you wish.

A. Yes, thank you for thinking about it first.

But I think you left out an important part. It is not enough for the answer to be 884, but the fact that it was an integral make it meaningful.

My nickname in the Showroom presentation days was [Moyashi-chan] (bean sprouts)

I took it as a self-introduction because the integral symbol is similar to a bean sprout.

I may say that the answer, 884, is an extension.

If you have some spare time, I would appreciate it if you could think about it by using integral symbols.


Q.  I like the duo of Hayashi x Rika quite a bit you know...
Do you have a name for the duo?

A. Rika and I have talked about the name of the duo, but we haven't decided yet.

The most likely candidate at the moment is going to be Ruri and runarika.

Q.  I'd like to talk with Runapi, even if it's just once.
I'm sorry for this, but I hope we can be friends. It doesn't have to be in reality you know, it's fine if it's just a dream, I like you as a person.

A. Regarding the dream I had the other day....

In my dream, I met someone and that person helped me in some way or other.

But I know it was only a dream.

I said to someone, "I'm having a dream now".

And suddenly it became very cold to me, and then I woke up from my dream. (The dream is still in the dream at the end.)

Some time after that, I passed this person at a certain place.

I was like [Huh? that was...] and then he/she had the same reaction, we were sharing a dream.

I mean, it was a dream within a dream.

So why don't you share your dream with me. maybe we can do it. thought I don't know... No, it is possible.

Q. I like the way Hayashi laughs, so I think you should try a corner on your blog where you solicit for some kinds of skits, and only the good ones are introduced by Hayashi. Lol

A. Thank you!
Let's do that the next time.

I have a clear preference, so this may end up being a biased answer, but please, everyone, by all means, write it down for me.

Thank you for all your comments and questions.

Please be assured that I have read all the other ones, even if they're not on the ↑er side.


August 14.
Happy Birthday, Mio Yakubo!
Yakubo-chan and I happened to meet the day before her birthday and she was excited to have an ice cream cake.
She and I really get along with each other.
We're a bit otakus, and we have the same taste in music, so we can talk even if we don't really like each other. We have a lot of things to talk about, even if it's not so much about our love for each other.

I'm wondering if I shall join the Kogi-myun group because of Yakubo-chan's influence.

You're a big sister who gives me good advices, so I'm looking forward to working with you!

Let's make this a great year together!


Coming soon.
All Japan Amateur Hayashi Oogiri Comedy Championship.

Tomorrow is Myu.

Thank you very much for your cooperation to prevent Satorikasan from receiving a birthday present. (Wrote Rika's name all in katakana so...)

Once again I think Miyu-chan is good with maki rolls.



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