Another Sky - Nishino Nanase (English Subtitles)

Nishino Nanase's "Another Sky" in Paris! In this episode we discover who Nishino Nanase is as a person, and learn more about her Idol life as one of Nogizaka46's aces.

Huge thanks to Eiffel for translating the video and working with us to finally bring this episode to everyone! 

Contributors :
Translator: Eiffel
TLC/QC: Bertowski

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  1. Been waiting for 2 years, now its out
    the sub is here, THIS WAITING is DONE!!
    thank you beam!

    now all Another Sky eps where nogi's member in it is DONE! Maiyan and Naachan

  2. I'm probably one of only very few people who never got what all the hubbub was about over Nanase, but this translation sheds her in a whole new light. I have nothing but respect for her now. Thank you so much as always for your hard work.

  3. I love RAW because of its quality. Thank you so much!

  4. Podrian arreglar el link por favor ����


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