Blog Translation: Hori Miona, Yumiki Nao (July 25th, 2020)

I've eaten a lot of jelly

At Mst it was the first performance of "Route 246" ^ - ^
How was it?

After the performance, we were allowed to join the live broadcast and Chocolate Planet taught us my favorite routine, "Himuro rock-paper-scissors"! lol

I was so happy~
But it was still difficult for me to do that type of voice. lol

Same as the MV, I made my hair with onpu-chan style (a hairstyle like the musical note, with the tail on the top like the note ♩ )

also I dyed my hair with purple, pink and beige to match with the costume.

 ˗ˏˋ twilight beige ˎˊ˗

It seems that the twilight color is a mix of pink and purple and looks like the color of the sunrise! (the word twilight is in english, that's why she's explaining it)

Ne~~ let's use the same hair color~ ^ - ^

In the future we'll be performing in a lot of music shows!
Look forward to it!

Well then, see ya


Runa-chan said "this is a good copycat" ☺ otsukaresama desu! it's Yumiki Nao.


Thanks for clicking on this page ✨

Nogizaka46 new 4th gen,

from Kyoto,

Yumiki Nao (ゆみきなお)☺️

The day before yesterday I had the honor of appearing on Runa's blog, and I'm afraid to say "thank you" to her.(*ˊᵕˋ*) ❀

So today I'd like to talk about Runa-chan from my perspective (๑•̀ •́๑)✧

Ey ey...   oh--!

Name: Hayashi Runa 林瑠奈 (はやしるな)
Date of birth: October 2nd, 2003
Blood type: O
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 164 cm - 5''4'
Catchphrase: Don't lose, don't be discouraged, Hayashi Runa! Today is another day of hard work!!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyõ mo ichinichi ganbaruna! )
common phrase: 「did you know?」(wakarude?, has kansai dialect in it)
I know a lot of phrases that she'd usually say, but now I kind of forgot them, when I recall them I'll say it again  (∩ˊˋ∩) lol

Runa's singing voice is like a crystal and is beautiful.
It makes me want to listen to it all the time.

She has a lot of energy.

She's surprisingly shy.

But when ones get to know each other well, she'd talk so much that you'd be surprised how much she talks. She'd talk forever. lol

Generally, she never does things alone, wherever she goes, she'll definitely invite someone else to join her.Tthat's so cute from her.

When she says「I'm so nervous~」that means that she still has time to spare.
When she's really nervous, she'd freeze completely.

There are times when she walks forward with her right hand and right foot and then with her left hand and left foot out at the same pace.
She's unaware of it, so it's better to tell her.

I love Runa's sense of style.

What's the dish you always eat when you go to a sushi restaurant? -the answer is "parfait iwashi".
and then Runa would do a monomane(mimicry)
I really love Runa's way of thinking, she always makes me laugh ☺︎

| Ꙭ)و゙ ㌧㌧

Runa looks at her surroundings a lot.

When I was having lessons as a trainee, I felt someone's eyes on me...and then when I took a quick look at her, it was always Runa-chan (◦ˉˉ ˘ ˉˉ◦)♡

That means I'm looking at everyone well!

I think that it's really nice that you not only just look at them, but you're also good at finding little changes, good points and characteristics of someone else.
That's how you became good at compliments ☺︎✨

Maybe you would say "I know that!", Runa-chan is really cute and I can't take my eyes off from her.

She works very hard at everything she does.
She's a hard worker from the bottom of her heart.

When I often see Runa-chan listening to someone else's words.
I ask to myself "Is Runa okay?", and I became more worried.

Runa-chan said to me,
"Fun stuff, trivial stuff, whatever it would be, even if it's nothing
I'll listen to anything, because I think this is the right place to talk about it."

Runa's words supported me a lot.

We have a lot in common, I trust her with all my heart, and she is the kind of person I can talk to about anything.
I want to do my best to be of help to Runa-chan, even if it's just a little bit!

I'll be stronger enough to make the right place to talk the both of us!

"With all of us together, I want to work hard"

...that's what I think.

Because she is a kind person with deep capacity to love, Runa is loved by a lot of people, and she is surrounded by kind and funny people.
I have the utmost respect for Runa-chan.

I love her with all my heart.

( ˙༥˙ ) hehe~

           ---------------change (of topic)-----------------------------
(from now on is all based on previous blogs from her and the other girls(miyu and hers), you may not understand)

Previously, in a comment on my blog where I tried to do two shots by myself :

"If you take a picture of a big stuffed doll animal with clothes on it, it will appear like 2 shots in one!"
I was advised to take the challenge and I did it |•'-'•)و✧

↑Up here is a stuffed doll outfit I made with my mom!

My family took the picture and then sent it to me ☺︎

We made 3 or 4 outfits of them, but it looks like those were already shared with others ☺️

But it's still not big enough right...!
I don't have any stuffed animal on hand to begin with ( ૦هᐤ )!

I thought I ordered a stuffed animal the other day...

I made a mistake
Instead a beautiful deer head arrived!

I've been thinking about what to do about it

I thought that if I drew a face and stuck it on a hanger, it would make it look like I was wearing it! I had an inspiration to do so.( ー̀_ー́ )✧


Now I look back at it and I thought, Isn't it a little scary? (lol)

I wasn't sure if I should post it, so I  asked Runa-chan,

"Is it scary?"

and she said,

「it's not」

so with that said, I posted it...!

I wonder if it would change if I'd changed the style of the picture...?

The road to 2 shots is a hard one.(●˙°˙●)

           ---------------change (of topic)-----------------------------

Tomorrow will be Kuromi-chan!

talking about the "jan-ken-pon" story.

If I try to say it out loud...

"Saisho gu, 
("Rock! paper! scisso-!", at the start it's said "first rock..."(saisho gu-) in the japanese version)

...or that was. lol

I think that I was so focused on the "Saisho gu-" that I couldn't finish the sentence. (lol)
Discovery of the day ᕙ( ˙-˙ )ᕗ macho


see ya
in her shoulder: see ya

Thank you for reading all the way through ( >_< )✨
I wish you all a wonderful week... ✨

Thank you again today☺️

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