Confession (Kitano Hinako) - Nogizaka Cinemas Story of 46 EP 5 (English Subtitles)

Saki (Kitano Hinako), a member of the Yuido Club, must lead her team to victory in a competition where one must successfully confess to a chosen target before the enemy team does. 

Contributors :

Translator: Pic
QC: Queenagonna
Timer, Typesetter: himetanslonelydimple

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  1. I like kicchan since long ago, but sadly she doesn't get any spotlight in Nogi general day by day...

    Wish i can see more of her side, i like her♥

    Anyway, the sub is great. thank you BEAM!

  2. It is like that with all 2nd Gen except Miona...
    As Sakurai Reika once said, she regrets how 2nd Gens were "treated" back then with all KKS and all but still I love them.

    <3 Kitano <3

  3. Eps 9 nya ada gak ya? Yg bagian kubo-chan


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