Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (December 8th, 2022)

Summer Time Rendering #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

This is Okamoto Hina (18), from Aichi.

My recent boom..

I will use them a lot, my favorites!☝️

I'm still feeling the lingering excitement of Nogizaka Star-Tanjou LiveπŸ‘Š( ¨̮πŸ’ͺ)
To those who came to the venue, to those who watched the stream and cheering for us..
Thank you very much.

I have never sung in front of other people,
even during the audition my voice was shaking, I cried, my hands were shaky and unable to hold the mic properly.
When I heard that we will do live, truth is, I wanted to run away.

On the day of the live, first thing in the morning,
I went to the practice room that has mirror in it and do a stretching by myself,
this feeling, reminds me of the ballet competition.

The worry of how much I could perform from what I've been practicing so far,
My ballet teacher once told me that even if you practiced for 364 days, everything will be decided in one day, it's a phrase that I always cherished.

I started crying after rehearsal finished and Kuu-chan hugged and patted me on the head,
"ah I really love this girl." I thought.

Whether it went well or not.

I recall the ballet competition where I fell & cried my eyes out because I couldn't win
I didn't fall at all these 2 days!
Maybe I grew-up a little (lol)

Oh, but I tripped on the 2nd day of Jingu (whoops)

At the moment, every day, I'm being overwhelmed by members confident singing.
I will work harder!.

~ Announcement & Special Thanks ~

BUBKA's January issue came out last week!
The other day in the Meet & Greet, many of you who come reported that you liked this page or this shot.
I'm very happy..😭

For you who haven't purchased it, I'd be happy if you do

~ 17fun-kan ~
The other day, the music video for the 5th generation song "17fun-kan",
which is included as a coupling song in the 31st single "Koko ni wa Nai Mono", has been released!

The world-view of the costume & accessories
Aren't they all wonderful!?

During the shooting of the music video, I started to feel the reality of becoming an idol
Although the temperature is freezing at night,
the recording was so much fun that it didn't matter.
It's a memory that will last a lifetime🌷

The words I wrote on the gears were
"I want to be someone's admiration"

I admire Hori Miona-san
Thanks to her, I start learning about make-up,
took interest in cosmetics & clothes,
and learn about Nogizaka46

It's my dream to be admired by someone.
To achieve that I want to be able to experience more things

After the music video was released, I received these words.
"Because I admire Hina-chan, I'm breaking-off my shell and enjoying being a girl."
Upon hearing it, my heart tighten,
I want to cherish this feeling, I thought.

I really, really love the fans who supported me

Sorry for the lengthy talkπŸ’¦
Well then, to the Q&A for this week!

✄------------------------------- ✄

🍠 Please give your anime recommendation!
πŸ’™ Summer Time Rendering

I love this anime so much that I can say that if you haven't seen it, you've lost half your life,
I love it as much as Dragon Ball

My Hero Academia
My tears won't stop flowing whenever it updated
Deku-kun really has gotten stronger😭

🍠 What choreo do you find difficult in 17fun-kan?
πŸ’™ The part where you stand on one foot before you get to the chorus!

The practice requires attention and precision!

🍠 What color of lens did you wear during the recording?
πŸ’™ Lately I haven't been wearing lenses.

I can feel lights through my eyes

🍠 Between make-up, hairstyle & clothes, which one do you get done first?
πŸ’™ I first decide on the outfit, then do make-up that fit the outfit and last but not the least hairstyle

Girls really can have a lot of fun with make-up!

🍠 What juice do you like?
πŸ’™ In general I drink water (like a lot) but when I feel like drinking something sweet~

I'd grab Zero Calorie Fiber from 7-11 or Coca Cola Zero Calorie

🍠 Any senpai you recently take a picture with?
πŸ’™ Wada Maaya-san!

Just recalling the memories would make me cry!
She's such a lovely senpai.
Althought it was for short period, being able to work with Maaya-san is such a fortune.
Maaya-san is like the sun☀️
She's kind and warm, she ease everyone just by being there.

I also would like to be such person in the future.

🍠 Please recommend shaved-ice flavor at this time of the year!
πŸ’™ Pumpkin flavor is really good~πŸŽƒ

"Shaved-ice with pumpkin?" , I know you must be thinking that
but if you try it, you life will change 360 degrees

🍠 What is your favorite accessories as of recently?
πŸ’™ This earcuff sold by a beautiful idol onee-san

It sparkles and got butterflies on it, really cute!!😭
I'll post it in the blog next time

🍠 I'd like to take a purikura with my friend in the 17fun-kan pose next time,
but I'm wondering if the 1' finger is the only pinky finger that stands up? I'd love to know!
πŸ’™ The right hand has only the little finger, and the left hand has the thumb and index finger!

Purikura.. it's been awhile, Hina also would love to take one!

🍠 Do you have any recent episode with Tamami-san?
πŸ’™ The other day, Tamami-san reache-out to me to take a picture together


I can't help but to smile just from recalling that moment
My goal for next year is to be able to converse more.

From make-up, hairdo, clothes & face, I love her everything!

🍠 For Hina-chan that born during Winter, please give countermeasures against cold weather,
as someone who born in Summer, it's too cold to for me to live.
πŸ’™ Just because I was born during Winter doesn't mean I'm immune to cold, you know!😘

by the way, I'm typing this while in a kotatsu right now.

✄------------------------------- ✄

The End

This time I talked a lot!
Thank you for all the questions this week!
There will be more to come!

~ Gratitude ~

The other day was the final Meet & Greet for 30th Single, Suki to Iu no wa Rock Daze
We managed to overcome this single thanks to your support.

My first Meet & Greet
I was filled with worry in the beginning, however at any rate it was fun!
How many more days until the next Meet & Greet? I'd fall asleep counting.

How could I make you enjoy it more?
It was a single where I did my best!
I'm very grateful!
Hina will keep on chasing!πŸ’

It really made me happy that many people come to show me that they bought my commemoration T-shirt
So many people come to wish me birthday!
Its the first time so many people congratulate my birthday, it really makes me happy!

There are people who even prepared cake and decorations for me!
Everyone are so preciousπŸ’•


I'm sorry it gets very long(≧ ≦;)
did you read it to the very end…(→←)

Tomorrow's blog will be by Aya that loves Tomato
AYA AYA Ah Yappari Aya-kawaii

See you again in 10 days🫢🏻 ̖́-‬

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