Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (November 16th, 2022)

This is Okamoto Hina (18), from Aichi🍁
How are you doing?

I can't help but be amazed at how fast time flies these days.
Feels like the year will pass by in a blink of an eye, somehow I feel a bit sad.

On the previous Nogizaka Koujichuu, we held the 4th "Inner Circle Impersonation Grand Prix"
Have you watched it?

When I heard about the project, I felt like rushing to the playground, that's how happy I was!
Even prior to joining Nogizaka46, I've always loved this project
My favorite is the choreography teacher who went to the other-world when in deep thought!!!

I'd love to hear your favorite!!

I used to cry when I couldn't smile in front of the camera, however on the recent shooting,
I heard more and more from the managers & the fans that my expressions has gotten better
and I appear to be more lively!, it really made me happy!

However, I selfishly thought that being able to show my true self was also a bit of growth,
was that a mistake ~ I'd worry and think about it

I wonder what is the right answer, it's difficult.
But I want to continue doing my best!

Whenever I feel disheartened, I'd always check on the blog comments, it's my precious resting spot.
Also, doing Meet & Greet with everyone really gives me a lot of energy.
To everyone who supported me, I'm truly grateful, I LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!!

Whether I'm in the train or in the bath, I'm constantly thinking about all of you who are supporting me.
I just want to convey that.
I wonder if you enjoyed our previous Meet & Greet,
I tend to think about my lovely fans who come to meet me.
Sometimes I also thoughts negatively, I wonder if you don't like me anymore ~

I've been thinking about you guys so much that it's filling my head πŸ’­
This is the most glorious period in my life as an idol. I want to cherish the time with my precious fans even more.

I have the ability to make my eyes see-through when exposed to light

~ Announcement ~

My solo gravure will be featured in the November 30th issue of BUBKA!

When I received this job, the faces of the fans come to mind
I wonder if you will feel as happy for me~
I was really happy while thinking about it.

On the day of the shoot!!
Although I was so nervous, it was a lot of fun!
This magazine will always be a treasure of mine
I'm truly grateful!

I'll feature some off-shot next time!

Well, then let's continue to Q&A for this week!


🍠 What facial cleanser do you use?
πŸ’™ Softymo Lachesca Premium Hot Gel Cleansing

I'm on my 3rd bottle, it cleanses the make-up no matter how thick it is,
Personally, I love the moisturizing feel

🍠 Please give a photo of short hair Hina-chan!
πŸ’™ Here you go

Just 6 months and my hair grew this much!?
I'm surprised to see the change on my face!

🍠 During the Halloween project, your hair was black, how much Kaioken is it?
πŸ’™ Juubeidaa~ γƒΌt/n. DBZ line

🍠 I'd like to know your favorite eyeshadow palette nowadays!
πŸ’™ CLIO Pro Eye Palette 02

essential to fix make-up!
it gives me a peace of mind just by carrying it around

🍠 Do you tak with any senpai lately?
πŸ’™ I talked with Tamami-san (proud)

As for birthday present.. we took a two-shot, I was so happy!!

🍠 Do you eat sweet potato as a whole or do you peel it?
πŸ’™ Eh! you can eat it without peeling it?

It's the most shocking thing I learned today

🍠 Does shaved ice count as meal?
πŸ’™ Yes it count (。・‧̫・。)o I have it for breakfast and lunch


Thank you for all the questions this week!!

I went with Naonao to practice for Star-Tanjou LiveπŸŽ€πŸ˜€

It was two hours of laughter from beginning to end
I'm already nervous but I'll do my best!

~ Announcement ~

On anan this month no. 2323 is featuring everyone in 5th Generation!
I participated in the #pinkishsenbatsu I usually use pink as a color accent
but this time I'm wearing full-set pink!
I'm unsure whether I wear it well, however the shooting was exciting and refreshing
I'd be happy if you could grab a copy!

Thank you for reading it to the end!
Tomorrow's blog will be from the tomato loving, AyaπŸ…

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