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I'm from Chiba prefecture, 2nd year highschool,17 years old,

Matsuo Miyu ¨̮

The 26th single 『Boku ha Boku wo suki ni naru』is finally onsale~

And this time, it includes individual PVs from all 16 of us 4th gens!

The theme is "Genius"!!

The previews for each of our PVs are uploaded on YouTube!

I'll paste the link here.

( ˃̶͈ᴗ˂̶͈ )

By the way, my PV is found on the Type-B of the single.

( ¨̮ )

When you look at the word "Genius",
It perhaps feels like an existence that no matter how far you try to reach it, it's just beyond your grasps.

But it made me think that being a "genius" is probably not just as simple as "something awesome".

It's hard, It's difficult.

There are lots of colors of genius.

Please take a look at the PVs full versions! 

【It's been a while. It's a large-scale reply corner!】

✽ Saku-chan you know, Saku-cn she said she wants to get close to you!

✽ Saku said in a magazine interview that she wants to cuddle with you!!

That's from Up To Boy-san (UTB), right?

I read the interview! I was so happy that I sent Saku-chan thank you messages! ˊᵕˋ

Thank you for telling me everyone! ˊᵕˋ

✽ The director for your individual PV is a fashion designer? Yamagami Akari-san!

That's right! 

I wore several costumes on my individual PV, and those are designed by Akari-san! They were really wonderful! 

✽ Can you tell us about the stuff you liked when you were young? 

Well until now, I still love teletubbies.

My dad still has a Tinky-Winky (the violet one) doll that talks! and I recieved a Dipsy (the green one) keyholder from Paru (Hinatazaka46s Yamaguchi Haruyo) as a birthday present! 

I think paru likes laa-laa (the yellow one)

I also like poe (the red one)

✽ Have you given a name to that Unicorn x Sloth hybrid doll yet?

No, not yet....

No, it's not like I totally forgot about it or anything!!b 

It's bcause naming her is difficult!

It's because names are things that last a lifetime, so I can't just name her right away.

✽ Myuu-chan, please tell me your morning routine! 

I stop my alarm

Then I stretch. then my height (?) also gets stretched. probably.

I check the time.

Then I sleep again.

I wanted to answer this properly though. I'll talk about the stuff I do after I wake up another time.

✽ Who's the member you first met this year?

Ayame-chan and Rei-chan!

✽ Matsuo-san, are you a hare onna (A woman who brings good weather)?

Ofcourse I am.

✽ What food are you into recently?

Recently, I found a delicious dressing and now my whole family is hooked.

I'm addicted to a salad made with putting that drssing on a bunch of vegetables and sprinkling some nuts! 

✽ What do you want to eat in winter?

Chocolate! Anything sweet! 

✽ Do you have any story with Yuna-chan recently?

The other day, I got permission to wear her Shibata zekken (the jersey with the number they wear on rehearsals) so I experienced being Shibata for a day.

I'm so happy.

✽ I'm in pretty dire slump right before my college exams, I'd be glad if you could cheer me on!

Woah!! งง

Being in a slump means that you are persevering to achieve your goals, so don't give up now and do your best!! I'll also need to do my best on studying! 

✽ You doing fine~~?

I'm doing great~~!

✽ Myuu-chan, have you ever tried doing a round out into a backflip? I tried it the other day and I surprisingly did it pretty easily.

I did several times, but due to me being used to roundbacks so I tend to jump backwards and couldn't jump high...

Isn't that really amazing? It is! I admire you! please teach me! 

✽ What's your favourite hairstyle? 

I have a lot so I like to do lots during meet & greets ˊᵕˋ

✽ When you went skydiving, was it the one maiyan went to in the past during a show?

It is! I'm so happy ˊᵕˋ

✽ I'm so excited for the meet & greet but it's my first time so I'm getting really nervous, do you have a way to relax? 

I'm also nervous, but my excitement and happiness goes beyond my level of nervousness! Let's enjoy the excitement instead! 

Oh, and our artist profiles got updated! 

My height also got updated! 


This current profile pics have a background that perfectly matched our uniforms beautiful blue color! 

The last part will be some announcements! 

Onsale on February 9th,

I will be on『BOMB』san! 

When the day comes, I'll post offshots! 

Well then, 

That's all from myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

but before that, 

Did you notice anything from the pictures?

Yes, it's darker than the past ones.

It's because I'm at a corner of the room and I took it at night time.

But that's not it.

I cut my hair.


For those who noticed it before I even told you, 

Tomorrow will be a happy day for you.

Here's another one.

That's all from myuu ¨̮

Bye! ( Ꙭ )/''

¨̮ 8 ¨̮

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