Blog Translation: Kakehashi Sayaka (January 22nd, 2021)


Today is January  22nd! that means...

Ikura Erika-san,
Shinuchi Mai-san,

Happy Birthday! :-))

And happy new year everyone. I'm sorry I'm a bit late with the new years greetings ヽ(´o`;

I'm humbly in your care this year as well.

"Out Of The Blue" MV just got released!
Me and Rika took pics of each other as if we're on a hot spring trip.

There's this one where Me and Rika crossed arms as steps o(・x・)/

as for the vocals, Seira got a recording. 

Looking at their serious faces made me remember that time where we did the poetry for "Toshoshitsu no Kimi he" lol

I took a pic of Seichanzu

They resemble each other as they both talk a lot lol
but what they say is interesting so I can listen to them for forever.

So that's about it and I'm thinking of ending it here.

Please leave a lot of comments! 

I'll read them all, and I'll be replying to those that I've taken interest in on my next blog! 

Anyway, thank you for reading until the end~! 
The Parka merch from the past Birthday Live ☀

This years Birthday Live was just announced wasn't it? 
I'll do my best on both the full member live and the 4th gen live.

For those who are coming to the Online Meet & Greet, 
Let's have some fun together! ❤️

−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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