Blog Translation: Tsutsui Ayame (December 4th, 2020)

With 16 members.

Tsutsui Ayame here.

I'm surprised at how cold it is lately.
It's December after all.
Ofcourse it's gonna be cold

Take care and stay warm everyone!

First off, I will be participating in the upcoming 26th single as a senbatsu member. I'm so happy that I can somewhat repay those who have always supported me. Thank you so much! I really enjoy what I currently do in Nogizaka, I feel like it's a rewarding experience. So as a senbatsu member, I think I will be appearing lots in TV shows and doing performances, so I'm getting really excited. 

Being able to perform together with the Senpais I admire gives me a lot to learn! Mayutan and Rei are also senbatsu members! These two are the members I am often together with, so I'm really really happy. 

I'll be in your care during this 26th singles' activities as well.

I'm wearing a scrunchie which I really really like ´`*
I also like this outfit! 
I feel like this is what my face always looks like, sorry.

⚪︎ I will be on bis magazines' January issue! 
Yoda-san will be the cover ♡
Tamura no Mayu-nee will also be here! 
It was a shoot where I discover something everyday ´`*
Check it out, okay?~

⚪︎ I will also be on BOMB magazines' January issue!
The weather was great during this day!
Well then, the 4th Gen live is gradually coming closer~
I'm getting thrilled and excited.
also, It was 4th Gens 2nd anniversary~
Everyday was somewhat intense where these two years made me think "Oh, it's only been two years?"
It's my first time liking people this much. That shows how much I love 4th Gen. I'm thinking of everyone while writing this and I feel like I'm about to cry... lol
I have so much feelings towards 4th Gen so much that I don't think all of it will fit in here...

Let's do our best and support everyone this year too!!

While I am nervous about the upcoming 4th Gen Live, I will still enjoy it to the fullest! 

I'll do my best! ^^
Hori-sans graduation was announced the other day.
During the time I was picked for Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii's senbatsu, She contacted me and has been a big support for me.

She's quite stoic towards herself, and never stops to learn about lots of things.
I want to be like Hori-san who's always attentive to the people around her.
I want to talk to her lots in her remaining time in Nogizaka.

Well then, 
This will be all for today.
Let's do our best this December as well!

-Tsutsui Ayame

Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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