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Recap of the legendary 4th generation' 1st live at Yokohama Arena!

Finally, tomorrow is the long-awaited Nogizaka46 4th Generation Live 2020!

As a prelude, the music writer Nishihiro Tomokazu-san, who was in the audience during the first live performance of the 4th gen at Yokohama Arena on May 25th, 2019, is going to do a report about the performance! We will present it with some photos of the Live attached!

『Report of the first live performance of the 4th gen at Yokohama Arena』

The 11 fourth generation members, who were announced to be joining Nogizaka46 two years ago on November 29th, 2018, have had a wide variety of experiences, starting with the "Omitate-kai" held at the Japanese Budokan on December 3rd of the same year, followed by the "3-nin no principal" held the following April in 2019. On February 16th, 2020, five new 4th generation members who were newly assigned from the Sakamichi trainees also joined, bringing the total number of 4th generation members to 16, and all of them will hold the "Nogizaka46 4th Generation Live 2020" this December 6th.

Starting from the appearance of the 3rd gen, Nogizaka46 has been actively holding performances for each generation, but actually, apart from appearances in random events, the only solo live performance held by the 4th gen alone was the "Nogizaka46 23rd Single "Sing Out!" Release Commemoration - 4th Generation Live" held at Yokohama Arena on May 25th, 2019. So this will be the first time the 16 members, now with the new 5 girls who joined earlier, will perform alone.

Looking back, the 4th gen live in May last year was a very important performance for the girls, which was carried out at a very good time too. Unlike the "Omitate-kai", which was something like a mini-live held at Budokan and the "3-nin no Principal", that performance, which was announced as a surprise at the end of the same "3-nin no Principal", was a big challenge for them, since they had to perform more than 2 hours for it.
In addition, the pressure on the girls must have been enormous considering that the venue was Yokohama Arena, which can hold about 15,000 people. Nevertheless, after seeing the faces of the 11 members of the 4th gen, once "3-nin no principal" ended, the expectations for them must have been higher than those of the girls.

In fact, starting with the first song, "Yonbanme no Hikari" the 4th gen overwhelmed the audience with a double sense of a rookie spirit and idol charming at the same time. There were so many problems, such as incomplete choreography, individual errors, and inaccurate singing pitches. However, the aura of the girls, who have gained confidence from "3-nin no Principal," was so much stronger than that, so many of the viewers were immediately hooked on the Live.

M1 Yonbanme no Hikari

M2 Romance no Start

At the beginning of the live performance, the girls continued to perform familiar live numbers such as "House!" and "Sonna baka na..." non-stop. The most remarkable part of the live was the solo dance part done by the 11 members in "Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso wo tsuita". Even though they were still inexperienced on stage, they caught up with and surpassed their seniors with a sharp dance performance that captivated the audience. In the following song "Sekai de ichiban kodoku-na Lover", they showed the seriousness of the song and showed that they were already members of Nogizaka46.

M3 House!

M4 Sonna Baka na...

M5 Ano hi Boku ha tossa ni Uso wo tsuita

M6 Sekai de ichiban kodoku-na Lover

After the falteringly funny MC talk, all 11 girls were presented with their own center project. This has been one of the traditional segments of Nogizaka46, which has been held in the past at Under lives, and the 4th gen was ready to challenge it. This time they will perform their favorite title song of the single, while wearing costumes of each song, what a splendid combination. Before the performance of the song, each member revealed their feelings to the audience, and we, the viewers, could feel the meaning of the songs they chose to sing, and also why the members themselves were chosen. By standing at the center of the stage, each of the members could once again understand the meaning behind them joining Nogizaka46, and acknowledge that they all have the right to call themselves "a member of Nogizaka".

M7 Girls rule (Center: Kaki Haruka)

M8 Hadashi de Summer (Center: Kakehashi Sayaka)

M9 Kaerimichi wa toomawarishita kunaru (Center: Tsusui Ayame)

M10 Itsuka dekiru kara kyou dekiru (Center: Shibata Yuna)

M11 Harujion ga sakukoro (Center: Kitagawa Yuri)

M12 Jikochuu de ikou! (Center: Seimiya Rei)

M13 Baretta (Center: Yakubo Mio)

M14 Inochi wa utsukushii (Center: Tamura Mayu)

M15 Synchronicity (Center:  Endo Sakura)

M16 Sayonara no imi (Center: Kanagawa Saya) 

M17 Taiyou nokku (Center: Hayakawa Seira)

In the second half of the concert, the videos of "16-nin no principal" (Sep 2012) by the 1st gen members and "3-nin no principal" by the 4th gens were displayed together, suggesting that the history of Nogizaka46 would be continued by their juniors.
Next, the 4th gens performed "Kokoro no Kusuri" accompanied only by the piano, which showed the powerful will of the 4th gen to keep the history of Nogizaka46 alive in the future, clearly conveyed through their bare voices.
This attitude was the same in the medium and slow numbers such as "Ushinaitakunaikara" and "Kikkake" in which Nogizaka's character was completely concentrated, and together with the gentle expressions of the 11 members who were relieved from the tension, they continued to hit the audience's heart nonstop.

M18 Kokoro no kusuri

M19 Ushinaitakunaikara

M20 Kikkake

They performed songs such as "Arakajime katarareru Romance", "Romantic Ikayaki", and the last song was "Kiss no Shuriken", which was the first song by the 4th generation. For the encore, they raised the excitement of the audience once again with well-known numbers such as "Oide Shampoo" and up last was "Nogizaka no Uta" to finish the 2.5 hour long solo live.

M21 Arakajime katarareru Romance

M22 Romantic Ikayaki

M23 Toki-toki meki-meki

M24 Danke sheen

M25 Kisu no shuriken

EN1 Natsu no Free & Easy

EN2 Oide Shampoo

EN3 Nogizaka no Uta

It may be a poor performance from the current girls, but considering the fact that only 11 of them filled the Yokohama Arena about six months after their debut and kept the audience fascinated from start to finish, this live was probably the "true starting point" for the 4th gen that should never be forgotten.

And that's why the expectations for the "Nogizaka46 4th Generation Live 2020" to be held on December 6th are very high. Some members have been chosen in senbatsu and their individual work is increasing. Furthermore, with the addition of the 5 new 4th gen members, the unity of the 4th generation has become stronger, I wonder how much the performance will surpass the legendary Yokohama Arena performance of last year. Even though that sadly the show will be a broadcast without an audience, we hope you will take it as a positive thing that the audience will be able to watch the show and witness the amazingness of their performances.

Music writer, Nishihiro Tomokazu.

Translator: Rororz2

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