Blog Translation: Hori Miona (November 27th, 2020)

To everyone who supported me.

With the recently announced 26th single "Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru", I will graduate from Nogizaka46.

I have been thinking about my graduation for a long time, I’ve also talked with staff-san many times and it was decided around this summer. 

As for the members, I told them right before the senbatsu announcement, and at this time I’ve decided to tell everyone.

Today, November 27th is a special day for me

Seven years ago on November 27th, 2013, I was center for the first time.

It was the release day of "Baretta", the first song in which I was selected as a center.

Six months after joining the group, I was a kenkyuusei who didn't know left from right, but suddenly I was appointed as the center, many times I felt like the pressure was crushing me, I wanted to run away and it was hard, but with the encouragement and support of the fans and the members, I was able to learn a lot at the age of 16-17.

Honestly, my life as an idol from 2013 to 2021 has not been all fun and I have seen a lot of harshness in reality.

Because I was standing by my own, I had a lot of struggles every day, including the feeling that my own body was being scrapped and drained.
But I learned to love singing and dancing,
to love live shows even though I was not good at them in the beggining,
to be less shy and less negative, 
to express myself, 
to know the joy of acting, 
to have the strength to protect myself and those around me, 
to take care of those who support me, 
to not give up, to persevere, to enjoy everything,
to know that there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome..

I felt a lot of emotions, saw a lot of views, met a lot of people and also myself.

My youth definitely was lived within Nogizaka46, and I’m thankful to be a part of the group.

I think I’m a very lucky girl.

After graduating, I want to start acting from scratch.

I was able to find this dream because I met many directors through filming music videos, movies, and dramas, and I became convinced that this was the best path for me to take. 

My phrases, my expressions, all of them are things that I'm still in the middle of studying, and although I'm fully aware that I'm not good at it, I want to continue to pursue it so I can overcome them. 

"I want to be someone who can give something to other people."
It's the same feeling I had when I was in Nogizaka46.
With all the wonderful memories I have learned in Nogizaka46, I would like to take a new step forward starting next year.

I have three things that I regret.

The first one is that I am aware that I am still not that good at singing, and I wanted to enjoy singing songs to the end.

Secondly,  I wanted to dance even more and more, which is my favorite thing.

Thirdly, I wanted to give something back to the fans who supported me, to everyone who said "You'll center the next song, wait for it!", "I want to hear your solo song!", and lots of other expectations.

I wonder if I was able to repay everyone during my time here.

But hey, in the end one of my dreams came true.

Director Yamato Yuki, the director of my first starring film, has made the music video for my first and last solo song.

She managed to gather and connect all of my feelings in just a few minutes worth. 

The music video has just been uploaded on YouTube,
please take a look if you'd like.

Thank you so much for everything until now!

Until the end, I'm going to have fun in my own way!

I really love all the people who show love and support for Nogizaka46 ☺︎

2020.11.27 Nogizaka46s 2nd Generation Member

Hori Miona

Translator(s): Mastampanss, Sushi_xyrus46.

Source: Hori Miona Official blog

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