Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (November 25th, 2020)

 It's Hayashi Runa. Are you tired?

('Otsukare' from "otsukaresama" can also mean tiredness)

Recently, I often look at the moon.

Although the moon is far away, don't you feel closer to it?

The moon never shows its other side to the Earth.

It's quiet and inclusive.

I'm quite a romantic, don't you think?

When talking on the phone couples often say,

 "We're looking at the same moon right now, aren't we? ♡"

and I'm like, "I'm looking at the same moon too."


Q Do you have something you want to recommend to others?

A Yes, I do.

Q  →I've been accepted to college! Please congratulate me!

A Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

Q Do you like your egg rolls sweet or salty? !!!!!!!

A I like egg rolls.

Q My hair has grown out and I want to cut it as long as Hayashi's but still haven't done it yet, I want you to rush me! lol

A Hurry up and go.

Q Isn't it better to play with hand-held fireworks during winter?

A The sparkles seem to disappear quite fast, 
it indeed has some charm to it, but the fire looks like it'd quickly disappear.

Q Is Runapi from the group that uses the red sheet?
(Translucent red sheet of paper that's used for memorization and learning)

A I use it, but I quickly lose it.

Q I wish better days for Hayashi!

A Thank you so much.

Oh, yeah.

I took a picture of Nao playing with a stuffed hedgehog.

Apparently the hedgehog was wearing a coat so that's why it's all crumpled.


Tomorrow is Myu.

Miyu's socks are so cute.

The socks you wear are especially nice when you choose a pair of them thinking that you will never take off your shoes.

Adiós !!!!!!

I'm in a world that tries to welcome the night and bring tomorrow,
while time is constantly moving forward...

p.s.: I told a big lie at the end of my last blog! Sorry.

I'll do it in the next~ 
(probably talking about the promise about answering questions, there were few in this blog)


Translator: rororz2

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