Blog Translation: Seimiya Rei (October 11th, 2020)

See 'ya

Seimiya Rei here.

Thank you for yesterdays' meet and greet (*´`)♡

There are people who've I haven't talked to in a while and people who are first timers, It was really fun!

For the 2nd part and 3rd part, I showed my forehead for the first time since spring! 

I wonder what should I do next~♪

I love it when people show me their cat, or just like having phonecall on the way home. I love how we can always be connected whenever, wherever ☺️

I'll be looking forward to it again next week, and the week after, and the week after that...!

Only my upper body will be shown in the meet and greet so I chose an outfit with a cute collar ♡

I'll answer some questions for a bit ☺️

◎ It's getting cold recently, do you have a favorite winter outfit to wear?
A turtleneck knit, a long coat and a scarf!I'm going to buy a long dark brown coat this year ❄️

◎ Are there any Keyakizaka46 songs you like?

If it's Keyakizaka46 songs, I listen to 『Eccentric』and『Futari Sezon』a lot♪

◎ Did you write 『Konchiniwa』instead of 『Konnichiwa』on purpose from your last blog?

Ahー! It typed it like that again?!
I really suck at typing. I'll be more careful next time

◎ What's inside your refrigerator?

Lots of kimchi, crusty rice, tofu, fruits, rice I bought from a convenience store, and a lot of fruits.

◎ Rei-chan, what do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy being together with the members and sleeping

And then,

Thank you for TIF Online 2020!
We're already happy to perform 4th gens own songs, but being able to perform with the 16 of us really made us feel a sense of accomplishment!

I haven't done the intro for 『Seifuku no Mannequin』where the three of us step up to the front since the Mini Live from the 4th Gen OmitateKai, It felt really nostalgic.

To make sure we got every single detail, We confirmed the steps with everyone through a video call the night before the performance. We were more pumped up than usual....

To everyone who watched, Thank you so much ☺️

It has gotten cold hasn't it~? ㅜㅜ

Because of the dry air, my throat gets irritated and my skin gets rough and dry so I'll be careful. 

Lately I've been carrying oranges, grapefruit, persimmons, pears, and sweet potatoes with me and eating them a lot.

I love baked potatoes, dried potatoes, and potatoes!

I've found a place where they sell them cheap, So I buy two every time I pass through there.

The truth is, I want to buy about 5 of them.....self-control.

I hope you all eat lots of delicious food and stay healthy so you don't catch a cold!

Until then! 


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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