Blog Translation: Nakada Kana (October 26th, 2020)


Thank you so much for everything

I'm sorry for doing such a sudden graduation announcement, and that I have to leave so soon.

But in the midst of all...

Yesterday's 'Nama no Idol', the day before yesterday at 'Chin-Kinyoubi',
Showroom-san with my PB release day,
and TV Tokyo Music Festival-san,

and many other things, all of them done for me.

I'll be in next week's Nogizaka Under Construction too.

I'm so grateful to have this just after my graduation...

Be sure to watch it!

This will be my last blog.

Thank you for reading all this time until now.

There is a chance that I may continue using the Instagram account of my photobook, so please follow me there!

At our lives and singing shows there were many people who liked Nakada

that's what everyone has built together

After graduating from this wonderful group called Nogizaka, to be honest I don't know how much I can really do for myself, 
but I'll do my best to live up to the name of Nogizaka!

The best thing about joining Nogizaka is that there's wonderful members, wonderful staff, and that I could meet all of our fans.

I wonder why I'm surrounded by such wonderful people.

I really feel that I am blessed to meet so many great people in my life.

I had fun being an idol~

Thank you so much for everything.

nakada kana

Translator: rororz2

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