Blog Translation: Hayashi Runa (October 21st, 2020)

Otsukaresama desu. I cut my hair. It's Hayashi Runa.

Thanks for your hard work today as well.

I'm Hayashi Runa, the 4th generation member of Nogizaka46.

17 years old, second year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture

It's Hayashi Runa, the blooming seven's teen.

Don't lose, don't lose heart, 林瑠奈! Today is another day of hard work!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyou mo ichinichi ganbaruna!)

This is my 36th round of the blog relay.

Seems that we're going to see an Orionid meteor shower today.

Looking forward to it.

Did you read Rika's blog yesterday?

Finally after that...

In response to the "you're the girlfriend, right?" that I wrote in a past blog, she made a roundabout, indirect confession saying, "I'm not reluctant"

Then I asked, "Why do you say that?"

And she said, "So we can turn over our distance"

After that, while I was walking and looking back at this, mumbling to myself, "That was so cute, she was so cute~", I was given a staring look by a woman walking right in front of me.

A question coming from my mother:

"What's Nino Juice?"

It's "Noni Juice"
(Iirc it was the "delicious and good for health" juice that Saraba-san gave to the girls on Mayu's conto)

I hope you saw the Nogizaka skits of the other day.
I was given the role of Mayutan's younger sister.

Noni juice, like the Japanese green tea. I thought I could manage this kind of thing, but... I couldn't really afford it.
I guessed it would be a sour one, and I was right.

If you haven't seen it yet, please do.


Let me answer your questions.

Q. When do you have moments of bliss?

A. When I see the activities of my oshis.

Q. What is your favorite book? Have you read anything recently?

A. I just read "Kokoro" by Natsume Soseki-san.

Q. Is there a fine line between liking someone and being liked?

A. I think there is indeed a fine line, because if I know that someone is thinking well of me, then I'll also think well of him/her.

Q. Now, my hair is about the same length as Hayashi's and I'm not sure whether I should cut it again or not, which do you think is better, cutting it or letting it grow?

A. Then it won't be at the same length as Hayashi's anymore.


Q. Is it true that you've been trying to learn the Hyakunin Isshu? Or am I wrong?    
("One hundred persons, one poem each", Rock-bottom old japanese anthology with 100 poems(known as 'waka') collected from the Kamakura era, the Uta-garuta and Karuta is based on that book, also Chihayafuru, etc.)

A. Yes, I'm in it.

My favorite cards are,

Retired-Emperor Sanjou's

「 Kokoro ni mo    Arade ukiyo ni     Nagaraheba
「 If one's mind        Is crude and unworldly        Then 

Koishi karu beki    Yowa no tsuki kana 」
Maybe with the moon at night    It's the right time to love. 」

And Akazome Emon's

「 Yasurawade         nenamashi mono wo     sayo fukete
「 Maybe I'll stay up         Late         All the night 

Katabuku made no        tsuki wo mishi kana 」
 Just to see         The moon until it goes down. 」

(This is archaic Japanese, it's just an approximation)

Q. Can I call you Hayashiru~ from now on?

A. Pien.

Q. Do you have any recommendations for songs to listen to on nights when you can't sleep?

A. I think it'd be 「LOVE SONG feat OWV 」

Oh, and I also recommend 「Sousei no Aquarion」

The lyrics are wonderful, the 80% of the times I fall asleep at 5 minutes.
Even if you don't have a sleepless night, I still want you to listen to this song.

Q. I wanted to ask you since your last blog, what does that "Kashiko" at the end mean?

A. It's something like, "best regards".
(Kashiko is an expression from the female language and exclusively for letters, not widely known apparently)

Q. Do you have a motto?

A. Yes, I have one.

Q. What do you want now?

A. I want a sister.

Ruby-chan, Kobato-chan, Chino-chan, Sagiri-chan, Tsukihi-chan, Kirino-chan, Shiro, Akiko-chan...etc
(Mostly all her oshi's names, from Love live mostly)

I really want everyone to be my sister
and maybe there's even more people who I'd like to take as one

Q. Can you make pancakes now?

A. I haven't tried since then.

Q. When people ask you what your favorite food is, are you afraid that for some reason you'll have to say curry?

A. No.

Q. Did you ever get rid of the habit of falling asleep on the phone with your friends?

A. No, still I can't get over it.

Sometimes I ask my friend to call me and then I refuse to receive the call, or I just wake her/him up and cancel the call.

I'll try to fix it.

Q. Do you have any special kao-emoji that you often use?
(Japanese emojis, like: ( ˙꒳​˙ )
A. No, I don't. In that case I use emoticons.
(normal emojis, like: ☺)

Thank you for all your questions and comments.

It looks like I'm just getting home, sheltering from the rain.


Tomorrow is Myu-chan.

Princess PreCure's Crystal Princess Rod will be passed around as the baton.
(it's a topic-baton for Myu)

Adiós !!!!!!

Let's try to don't work too hard, everyone.

Yours, sincerely.


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