Blog Translation: Suzuki Ayane (September 8th, 2020)

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Good evening, everyone.

It's Suzuki Ayane

The day before yesterday I appeared on the show [Rajira! sunday].
I hope you enjoyed it. 
And thanks to everyone who listened to it.

And now, the screening of the movie [Shinigami-tsukai no jiken jou -Kugutsu yakyoku-]¹ in which I appeared has ended.
Now, you can watch it on our webcast, but first, I'd like to thank everyone who watched it and sent us your comments!
While I'm glad to be given the opportunity to play a role of a historical drama, I also felt my own immaturity when I saw the finished film.

In October, I will be performing in the play [Ginga tetsudō no chichi]². 
It's going to be a new challenge for me.
In light of the current circumstances, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to perform, and I will do so with all my heart and soul, so I would like to sincerely invite all of you to come and enjoy it!

Let me make some announcements.

I will be performing in the stage [Father of the Galactic Railroad]².

The movie [Case Book of the Grim Reaper: -Nocturne Puppet-]¹ is now available for online distribution.

The drama [High Position 1986, Second Youth.] is being aired on Hokkaido Television.

I'm in charge of the narration for [How much on wednesday?] and is currently being aired on MBS TV.
(is literally "Wednesday's how much?", but its weird)

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Released on August 19th B.L.T.san

Thank you for your support.


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