Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (September 2nd, 2020)

Where did the 1.5cm go? Matsuo Miyu

Autumn has arrived.

The Group appointment announcement SHOWROOM was held in february so




has passed.

(I'm not really good with the calendar so I'll leave it at that.)

Looking only at the months.

Three seasons has passed since I joined Nogizaka ¨̮

And now entering the fourth season!

It's Autumn!!

I'm from the Chiba prefecture,

Second year highschool,

16 years old,

and one that loves autumn,

Matsuo Miyu ¨̮

Please take care of me this autumn as well ˊᵕˋ

Ah! I finished my homeworks!

The ones for summer vacation.

The following homeworks are already waiting fot me.

They already queued up.

(  ຶ- ຶ)

I'll do my best while avoiding to look like this.

(ง ꙭ)ง(ง ꙭ)ง(ง ꙭ)ง

I'll do my best while having fun!

(ง ꙭ)ง(ง ꙭ)ง(ง ꙭ)ง

It was already autumn since yesterday but is it just me, or is it just me, that the temperature has suddenly cooled down and it feels more like autumn?

It's kind of interesting to see exactly how the seasons change!

What do I want to do this autumn~?

I love sweet chestnuts all year round, but my love for sweet chestnuts heats up on its own when I hear the word "autumn"!

Have you done acorn picking?

I like acorn picking. probably.

I don't do it very often, though.

The most recent I did was the day after christmas last year.

It was pretty long ago huh?

I also went out to eat round and fluffy pancakes with bebi-chan (look up まんまるパンケーキ if you're curious what pancakes they ate)

※Keyakizaka46s Moriya Rena = bebi-chan

That's when we picked up acorns on the roadside!!!

That was a boring topic wasn't it?

please bear with me.

‪(ᯅ̈ )/

It was mostly blurred ( ˙᷄ỏ˙᷅ )oh......

I cut my bangs recently but this pic was before I cut them.

~Reply session~

✽What color of clothes is your favourite?

I'd say the color of a Café au lait with lots of milk

✽Myuu-chan, what do you prefer your birthday cake to be?

I'm an absolute chocolate person.

I like tart cakes!

I'd be even more delighted if there are strawberries on top! ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ

I love chocolate!

✽If it's fine with you please tell me where you get weather forecasts.

I ask the sky.

✽Whenever I go to the supermarket, I buy too many bean sprouts.

!!!!(  Ꙭ)(  Ꙭ)(  Ꙭ)

My mother came home from shopping yesterday and said "The bean sprouts were all sold-out", could it be that you're the culprit?

✽What percentage does my battery need to be for me to know when to charge my phone?

If the screen goes haywire and it glitches everywhere and then I check the battery percentage it's almost always at 1% so I charge when that happens.

✽For september, will you be updating your blog for days ending with 2 and 7?

That's right, that's right!!

I'll see you on days ending with 2 and 7 this month ¨̮

I'm troubled with my poses.

Urgent request : Poses that can be used in photos

Tomorrow is~

Nao's turn〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

Let's go pick up acorns together someday.

It's a one-sided promise.



Us 5 new 4th gens will be appearing in 『Nama no Aidoru ga Suki』!

I'm really happy and excited about it! ¨̮¨̮¨̮

It starts at 9:00PM!

I would love for you to come and see it ¨̮

I hope our neighbors around the world can feel a little bit safer and more secure as soon as possible, 

We'll all talk together.

May the day where we can laugh together with all our might comes.

Satō Kaede-san, Yoda Yūki-san, 

We hope you are well and have a fast recovery.

Please take care of yourself and I send you my best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

I hope I helped put a smile on your face, even just a little ¨̮

That's it from Myuu ¨̮

Bye ( Ꙭ )/''


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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