Blog Translation: Hayakawa Seira, Hayashi Runa (September 1st, 2020)

Hito-natsu no nagasa yori...
("More than a summer length..." Nogi-song)

Hello everyone ☀

It's the girl from Osaka prefecture, with 19 years, Hayakawa Seira. Pleased to make your acquaintance☺

How are you all doing?

I'm very, very, very well ☺

It's September already, so fast...

It's a little cooler today.
The air is so nice...

Last year at this day it was the final day of the midsummer national tour~

I realized once again that we can't afford that we can hold a normal live show now....

Is everyone doing well as usual~?

I'm doing very well because I eat a lot everyday ^ ^

The other day, my beloved Mayutan and I appeared on nekojita SHOWROOM, and it was yukata week, so we were allowed to wear them!

A blue yukata, with my favorite color ^ ^

The manager showed us several types to choose from, and while I was struggling with two, Mayutan was struggling with the same ones!

And for that the color for today is different~

I was given this one and I promised Mayutan that we would wear it together if we had a handshake event in summer ^o^

Hopefully one day I'll wear it〜

We had a lot of fun doing projects that were perfect for summer in yukatas that were perfect for summer ^ ^

I am very happy to wear a yukata at the end of summer! I really love kimonos and yukatas~

That's why I am looking forward to wearing a kimono at my coming-of-age ceremony as well.

It's the end of summer so for that I've been listening to "Hito-natsu no nagasa yori..." recently at home while I do my makeup, cooking and other things. I love this song after all~

What music are you guys listening to these days?

Fall is coming soon. It' s a little sad.

It seems like the seasons are coming sooner and sooner this year.


Did you see last night's Nogizaka skits?

I appeared with "Yanchan-na-sei-chan" ^ ^

"Soudaze~!" pose.
("that's right~!")

Please check it out on Hulu as well (*^^*)
As you can see from the preview for the next episode, next week will be very interesting too! I will be looking forward to watching this every week.

☀ News☀

Every Wednesday at 24:00 hrs~
MBSradio    "The Hit Studio (Wed)"

I'm appearing on that show! The next broadcast is tomorrow.

Like last time, we'll be having a great time with girls talk. Also I'll be reading the mails I got, so please listen to it! And if you missed it, you can listen to it on radiko.

9/9 Wednesday 25:00 hrs - Nogizaka46's All Night Nippon
I'm scheduled to be on the show ^ ^

Wednesday will be the radio-day isn't it~! That day is [Midsummer's National Tour at the Delusional radio] and Shinuchi Mai in addition with Akimoto Manatsu and Kubo Shiori will be there, all of us will be appearing together.

Please listen to this too.

I love to talk so I'm glad to be able to do a lot of radio work (*´-`)

I hope to be able to chat with you all in person soon.

! The unreliable corner of questions !

◯ What roles did you play at the school plays in elementary school?

→In kindergarten, I played the role of Little Red Riding Hood's mother and also the grandmother who got eaten. Little Red Riding Hood was so popular back then that I couldn't say(ask) that I wanted to play her.


◯ Please say something to help me study hard!

→If you work hard, I'm sure you'll love yourself. Fight!
(... how did I not think of it earlier)

◯ Grapes, peaches, or pineapple, which one do you like the best?

→I can't choose! ! !  I'm troubled...


◯ Autumn is the season for a good appetite, but what kind of food do you want to eat?

→Steamed rice, salmon, persimmon, oyster, kakki, kakkiー...


(persimmon, oyster, kakki... all of them sound the same)

◯ It's a question, can I be your fan?

→Of course you can. I'm so glad! I'll do my best to get you to like me even more~


◯ You' re a lot prettier and more feminine than you were before you joined, what advice did your brother give you?

→Thanks for the compliment. He doesn't say anything about my looks~ I'm trying to be pretty to make myself more confident ^ ^ 

◯ What kind of cake do you like the best, Seira-chan?

I love shortcake and fruit tarts! I love fruits a lot!!!! But I like any cake.


◯ Can a girl younger than Seera-chan call you Seera at the handshake event?

→ Of course, you're more than allowed toー! Thank you 〜!

◯ What songs do you listen to the most at night?

→ Lately I've been listening to Ghibli music or classical music before going to bed. I recommend it because it helps me sleep well.

◯ Have you ever been to a concert that isn't from any Sakamichi or AKB groups?

→I've been to ballet concerts and concerts of acquaintances, but I don't know if there's anything else... guh-nuh-nuh...


◯ I would like to send an email to The Hit Studio, what kind of email do I have to send and when do I have to send it?

→Any email would be great! If you're in doubt, send us your thoughts on the show, or tell us what happened to you on the subject we're talking about. we'll be waiting for it ☀︎


◯ Do you have any special feelings about summer, Saera?

→ The feeling of the sunset summer sky and the heat when I go outside or open the window in the summer evening reminds me of the time when I was in junior high school and wanted to go to a festival in my neighborhood, but felt sad because I didn't have any friends to go with... guh-nuh-nuh.


◯ I use my handkerchief every day, but it's getting tattered and I need to buy a new one. What kind of handkerchief should I buy?

→ I recommend you to buy a gauze handkerchief as I like them very much these days. But when I wash it it, it gets very messy.
(gauze handkerchief, german style)


That's all! Thank you for all your comments. I didn't return your question last time, so I've employed your question from the last two posts as well!
Many of you commented in my last blog and wished me a happy birthday. I was very happy ☺ Thank you so much!

I coincidentally received flowers because I was recording Nogizaka Skits! They are beautifully decorated! So cute  ^ ^

I'm really grateful.

I'll be waiting for more messages from you!

Thanks as always, everyone.


Again, thank you for reading to the end of the blog!

Mata ne~!

2020.9.1 Sera


Otsukaresama desu! Maki-maki desu! The predictive conversion was pretty crazy and when I was trying to type "Hayashi Runa desu" and it instead turned to "Maki-maki desu". I'm Hayashi Runa.
(the maki-maki are types of sushi rolls)

Thanks for the hard work today as well.
It's Hayashi Runa, the (new) 4th generation member of Nogizaka46.
16 years old, 2nd-year HS student from Kanagawa Prefecture.

I'm Hayashi Runa, the sixteenager that didn't bloom. 
(reference to marika-sensei's PV(hana-saku sixteen) but at the contrary)
Don't lose, don't be discouraged, Hayashi Runa! Today is another day of hard work!!
(makeruna, shogeruna, Hayashi Runa! kyõ mo ichinichi ganbaruna! )

This is my 26th round of the blog relay.

Rika said [tomorrow is Runapi.] when it wasn't actually on that yesterday, I've been struggling with it a lot.

Here's the selfie blog I mentioned in my last blog.

And here's the [This is ○○-san, whom I usually interact a lot~] pose. Please use it with your friends.



When you put them all together, they form the kanji of hayashi(林). Hayashi-sans all over Japan, please use it as you wish.

I don't have any topic in particular.
And because I don't have any, I'll tell you something.

I started to call Sayaka-chan just "Sayaka".

Kakehashi Sayaka-san
Kakehashi Sayaka-chan

Sayaka also calls me Runa, but after all, I'd prefer Hayashi.

I love Sayaka, I really love her. She doesn't send me any pics at all, but instead she talks to me non-stop, I love her really forever.


I have been allowed to take photos wearing the clothes given to me by my beloved Hori-san, thankfully.

『I got carried away by the mood and I ended with Onpu-chan.』
『It's not what I was expecting, right~?』
『Now that I think about it calmly, wouldn't it be bad...』
『Eh, yabai isn't it?』

(Onpu-chan, is the hairstyle she has in the first frame)

Q.  Name a phenomenon that you need to study so hard, but you can't.

A. I'll be out at the same instant that I have to study so much to answer the question 『Name the phenomenon that I have to study so much, but I can't.』
(study can also mean diligence, homework, etc, and the answer she's looking for is the action she's doing at the same time when she's trying to answer, the pun loses some meaning now, has a wordplay on the original.)

Tomorrow's relay is Myu. 
It's almost test season. And even though the test season is coming closer, I can't concentrate because I'm thinking too much about unnecessary things. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


Q. 【Question (or rather, a favor)】I have been sick since the beginning of this year and have not been able to go to school. I will do my best for the treatment so please cheer for me!

A. You are already doing your best! well done!

Eat insane meals and sleep like crazy! You can do it!! Definitely you can!!!!!

Let's do our best everyone!

The only tough thing is the law of distribution.

Translator: rororz2

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