Blog Translation: Yakubo Mio (August 6th, 2020)

The cicadas are buzzing!


I'm Yakubo Mio, Nogizaka46's 4th gen member. nice to meet you.

The second volume of "Nogizaka doko e" Blu-ray & DVD box is going to be released tomorrow, August 7th~!
I'm very grateful for this chance〜
I'd appreciate it if you could check it out!

I found that photo from " Nogizaka doko e"! now looking back at it, I didn't have too much photos (TT)

That was on the day during the recording of  「#18: The Second Half of the Quiz Showdown in Kamakura! Nogizaka girls' school vs. Morita's 4th period/classes High School!」 
(I didn't see "nogidoko e" so I left it just like that, about Morita...idk)

Did that skit on that time overshadowed "Nogizaka skits"...?

I'm missing already that uniform and the name "Nogizaka Doko e"〜₍ᐢ- ̫-ᐢ₎

🌞 I always comment on the blog, do you remember me?

→ I remember the people who always write to me! 
It's true〜〜^^
Thanks for your support as always.

🌞Micchan's birthday is coming up soon! Have you decided on a birthday present yet? ₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎             

→ I told my sister that I wanted to buy some cosmetics and she said I had too many. I got scolded by herー(TT)

🌞 Is there's any behind-the-scenes footage of the show recording of "I see..."?

→ Everyone sweated a lot because the choreography was so energetic and cheerful (^_^) ! was fun!

Sorry for being so short today~

Thanks for reading!
and for the comments too! see ya~ 

2020.08.06 Yakubo Mio

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