Blog Translation: Umezawa Minami (August 30th, 2020)

To think that it might be tougher than you think...


I changed my color for a little bit ☀

Summer's so hot...
and it's so tempting to cut it short...

I've been surfing gourmet sites in my spare time,
while fantasizing about eating some good food.

For about a month now, I've been wanting to eat cheese naan,
and the butter chicken curry is my favorite.

The other night in Nogichuu everyone was eating curry and I got hungry at midnight,
plus, it was cheese naan and butter chicken curry...  I regret not playing those games...
Enjoy tonight's Nogichu!

I had a really embarrassing incident the other day,
The members and the staff were really laughing at me.

Really, I was so~ embarrassed and I wanted to run away so badly, 
but then their laughs made me smile too, I thought "sometimes this kind of failure is just normal!", and because of that I became more positive.

I don't know if you will be able to see it or not, but it happened during the recording, so maybe... (lol)

And, the other day,
The moment I got out of the car, I slipped and fell down perfectly on my butt, which was also very embarrassing.
I hadn't slid off the ground that cleanly in a long time.

I walked out like nothing happened.
And then there was a woman who approached me and kindly said
Are you okay?
I said     I'm okay, thank you
and we ended up laughing.

The smiles are amazing! ! !

Limited edition postcards of the photo book have been released ❤︎

The staff and I discussed and selected each picture.

It's the first time that I spend this much time looking at the photos of my everyday me and having to select them, and I've been thinking how fascinating it is to see how much the makeup and a hairstyle can really change your face.

All of these are not included in the photobook ◎

There's a limited number of them, so everyone should check them out! ❤︎

I did the final check just the other day, and I was somewhat saddened to see that this is going to be a book already...

I didn't requested a lot of photos for this book, I actually left most of the work to them(staff), and I joined them for a little bit after that, so it's very fresh and fun for me to look at the photos.

The parts I thought were good and the parts that someone else thought were good were completely different,  that's why I took on the challenge of creating this photobook with the intention of "bringing out the many different faces of me.".

I hope you will look forward to it!
I'm going to work harder and harder for about a month to make this book a book that will delight everyone who sees it!

Really, thank you all, as always...

One really gets fired up when wearing yukata, right~!

I was allowed to participate on 24 hours TV!
Thank you very much for the opportunity.
The members were so beautiful in their yukata, it was just a delight for my eyes. Soothing.

We performed "Sekai-chuu no rinjin yo" and "Synchronicity"!

After that, I was able to join the behind-the-scenes streaming, and it was very, very fun to talk with Sashihara-san and Haruna-san.
I was so nervous too (;;)

Thank you so much for watching!

I'm sorry for being all of Umezawa....

It's the "I love you" day.

See you then,
I'll write again!

I'll try to put it into words when I can ◎
I'm not 100% done yet, though ( ˙-˙ )

Translator: rororz2

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