Blog Translation: Shibata Yuna (August 12th, 2020)

Do you like summer?


Shibata Yuna here.

It has gotten so hot recently doesn't it?

Is everyone feeling fine?

Let's drink lots of water ( ¨̮ )

Well then,

Just the day before yesterday, we were invited to perform at CDTV Live! Live!

I still can't believe it! 

Did I really just got invited to perform at a music show?

And it's live to boot.

I can't thank you enough.

If I hadn't joined Nogizaka 46, I'd just have my eyes glued to the TV and watching the show in real time (lol)

I am so grateful that many people have listened to the song 『I see...』

Every time I think about that, I've began to love 『I see...』even more (lol)

Back then, All I did was record and watch in real time every show Nogizaka46 participates in. I didn't even thought that I will be able to perform on a music show with them as my senpais.


I really didn't.

The senpais also danced the intro for 『I see...』with us! I'm so happy! 

Answering some questions~

・What do you want to do during summer vacation?

→ I want to light up fireworks!

Does everyone also like fireworks?

Yuna likes both watching and lighting them ( ¨̮ )

・What have you been up to lately?

→ Recently, I've been cooking dishes that can't be called simple dishes and then I send pictures of them through Mobile Mail! (lol)

・Is your facial cleansing foam the ones on tubes? or are they the ones that foam up from the start?

→It's those ones that are foam from the start~

I'm bad at making them foam up (・・;)

・What do you want to do within your last days of Highschool?

・What do you want to do in school before you graduate?

→ I want to go to school a lot and wear my uniform a lot! 

I want to enjoy my highschool life to the fullest! 

I don't want it to end just yet~

I don't want to grow up~

I can't believe it's already summer vacation

・Please give me recommendations what dish can a guy living on his own could make, and what's your favorite dish!

→ Vegetable soup!

Put some cut vegetables, water and consommé in the microwave!

Once it's warmed up, put some pepper on it!

but don't put too much...(^^)

The End! 

Cute earings ( ¨̮ )

I tried doing a peace pose

Thanks for reading! See you next time

(8.12 Shibata Yuna)


Translator: sushi_xyrus46


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