Blog Translation: Sakaguchi Tamami (August 14th, 2020)

 My wish is a! se! cret!

Sakaguchi climbing the slope

I’ll climb it every once in a while.



The hot days just continue on, am I right? ( ´• )

Is everyone doing okay

As for me, I’m doing very very well



This is 3rd Generation Sakaguchi Tamami





Everyone, have you seen a shooting star??


As for me, it’s probably the first time in my life!!!!!


I was able to see it~!! applause applause


Because I really like the stars and the moon,

I was so happy that I was stunned

Before I could make a wish,

It disappeared huhu

After that, I made a firm wish

What I wished for is a secret


It’s my dream to see the aurora borealis someday *twinkle twinkle*

٩( ¨̮




This is a photo that was probably taken on August 14th of last year

Miria-san, Renka, Ume and Riria ( ¨̮ )

From last year’s summer tour

I have a lot of good memories!!!


Because it’s hard to go out this summer,

I recently have been longing for the fun photos from last year.


I will go with the members to various places

And make it so that I can meet everyone






Thank you for reading this



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