Blog Translation: Sakaguchi Tamami (August 2nd, 2020)

To everyone who's born on August, Happy Birthday! Tiffany-chan is also born on August ♪

Ascending the Sakaguchi hill road! Climb it with Tamami some time!

Good morning

It's the 3rd gen, Sakaguchi Tamami here

This top is so cute!
What a hand-me-down from Den-chan!
When Den-chan was wearing it before I told her it was really cute and then she gave it to me~♡

hehe Thank you ‪⸜( •⌄• )⸝

I wore this while shooting a vid for TikTok~
I was cheering Miona-san with all my might 
I am in charge of the Fork, Tamami! ⚑︎(งᐛ )ง⚐︎
Please take a look!♪

I'm surprised that it's already August!

Summer four years ago was the time where I was still nervous while taking the audition, Speaking of summer, Sweating from all the dancing from the annual Midsummer Tour now feels like it's such a long time ago. 
This makes me feel sad this year.

But until the day where we can finally hold a Midsummer Tour again, Let's do our best everyday!!!

Hey! Hey! Ho! (ง •̀_•́)ง

A nostalgic photo I really like (´・-・`)♡

Thank you for reading~

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