Blog Translation: Matsuo Miyu (August 28th, 2020)

It's Red. Red!! Matsuo Miyu.

When you look at a kanji for a long time or when you write it over and over again, you can't help but say "what is this?" and then you can't see it as a character anymore.

Red (赤)

Red (赤)

Red (赤)

I wonder what this is (referring to the character 赤 itself)

even so,

It's red. It is red.

It looks like my bangs are a bit misplaced.

They're all too far to the right.

And the middle is a little thin.

When you say red 『Red』, the word 『Apple』immediately comes next ♪♪

Yesterday, August 27

Matsumura Sayuri-san, Happy Birthday!

She's really pretty and i really love the way she smiles.

Whether it's her cool gaze on TV shows and performances or her funny side on variety shows, She has too many charm points and I really admire her.

I send my best wishes for a year full of smiles!


August 24 

Seira-chan became 20 years old!


She's funny, beautiful, Her fashion-sense is too good, A wonderful Onee-san that I admire.

When I talk to Seira-chan, I feel at ease, and I love those times.

She's so cool and mature that it's hard to believe she's the same age as my sister.

Congratulations on your 20th birthday! ☺︎

Here's to a year full of happiness, and I hope I can be a part of that!


You know, recently~

Actually, I haven't watched『Crash Landing on You』yet.

I've been meaning to watch it when I get finished with my homeworks.

My mom already started watching it without me.

And then eversince she started, She'll spoil me lots about the story.

And then I'll go "Eh? wait slow down a bit"

But when I think about it, I have no right to refuse her spoilers because I am wanted for spoiling her about the movie "Your name"s ending.

When the story is interesting, doesn't it make you want to talk about it? ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

It's been a while since I did a reply session hasn't it?

✽How many tildes (these ones 〜) do you put whenever you write "Nao~~~" 

That depends on my feelings whenever I'm writing ( ⋅֊⋅ )

✽Do you watch AbemaTVs 『Who is a wolf?』series?

I'm enjoying every episode!! (  Ꙭ)

✽It's been really hot recently, did you change the weather again? lol

Ah, did I get caught?

✽Will the weather be clear tomorrow?

It will be!

(Atmospheric conditions are unstable and there will be rain showers in places.There is a possibility of heavy rain and thunderstorms, so it's best to look at the sky and check the weather before going out ◎)

The weather will be clear!

✽Actually, I have an exam next week that is really important to me and I want Myuu-chan to cheer for me!

Theeen that means it's this week? It's this week?! GO FIGHT WIN! Please do your best! I'll also give it my all! I hope this reaches you!

✽Question: Are you the type to finish her summer homework early?

Answer: If I'm going to answer, I'd say no.

✽Have you finished your homeworks without any problems?

I can't really say yes, so if I'm going to answer, I'd say no.

You know, In Japanese History, there's a lot of things where it's 『Let's write what we're thinking about』and made it me felt fear.

But I already finished it to the point where I can say It's like a decimal, so all I need is to round it off and then I'm done.

Thank you for worrying about me Runa-chan ( ;ᯅ; )

Thank you everyone!! 

✽It's already August you know? It goes by too fast it troubles me.

When It's the time for my next blog, It's gonna be September.

It goes by too fast it troubles me.

( •︠ˍ•︡ )

But autumn is my favourite season for clothes, air,  and food, so I can't help but be excited!

I'm very sad to see summer end, but I also love the feeling of warm emotions piling up for fall and winter.

As a result, I enjoy and love the whole year.

Well then, 

Tomorrow is 

Nao's turn〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

Today, according to my feelings, It's 16! 

Don't mind if your Seimeisen (The line in palm reading where it says how long people will live) is short, though.

I'm sure you'll still be healthy at 100 years old.

Today is August 28

Sasaki Kotoko-san, Happy Birthday! 

She's the person who made me feel "I want to know more about Nogizaka!" 

Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart.

It's gonna be Autumn for the next one!

Please take care of me this autumn too ¨̮

That's all!

That's it from myuu ¨̮

Byebye ( Ꙭ )/''


Translator: sushi_xyrus46

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