Blog Translation: Umezawa Minami, Akimoto Manatsu (July 11th, 2020)

Let's make a lot of promises.
by Umezawa Minami


I'm definitely going to wear long sleeves even if is summer
the air conditioning is cold, you know...
and it's really...hard to control your body temperature in summer.
You may catch a cold if you're not careful, 
so take care of yourself.

Well then!
The movie "Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!" it's decided to be released the 25th of September.

Originally the film was supposed to be released in May,
but after many discussions,
the staff has decided to release the film in this month, 
and now we are ready to release it to everyone.

I'm sure it will make smile to a lot of people.
I'm confident with that.☀

I saw the movie beforehand, and I watched it with a big smile from beginning to end.
Asuka-san, Yama and I sat a little far away from each other,
and we talked about our impressions afterwards, was wonderful☀︎.

There's a lot of situations where I can relate to the way one's stubborn with the things one likes,            (with the movie protagonist I guess)
and there are so many touching scenes!
A lot of funny moments too, and some parts may make your eyes burn... maybe?
There are a bunch new characters that are different from the drama,
so the movie has become more powerful☀︎.

I hope you'll look forward to it.

The day after the 3rd gen athletic ability test,
all the third gen girls have been texting "My muscles hurt and I can't move" to each other.

Meanwhile, I was surprisingly okay the next day☀︎.
I was relaxed cause of that,
 and the next day after that I got muscle cramps.  
I couldn't move my legs and it hurt every time I walked.

Everyone was making fun of me as hell~!!
Why are you so late~!
That's so sad~!

It was fun, so... whatever.☀

Red Team☀

Two relay matches, two wins!
Good work!

I straightened my hair with a straightening iron. 
My hair doesn't do well with the humidity, 
and it wobbles easily even if I straighten it...
So I made my hair curly from the beginning. 

Looks pretty long right?.. I'll cut it just for a little~little bit.

also... one of my self treats is chocolate, yes, choco.
I used to not like it so much as have the will to go and buy it by myself,
but for the past year or so I've been buying them as a treat.

A reward makes me work harder!

What is your reward? ☀︎

With a fresh and straightforward character,
she, who always made me feel like I was somebody cool, my favorite senpai!

When I first listened to it, I couldn't tell if it was real or not. 
But it didn't get any cooler.

Thanks to Seramu, we spend a lot of time together,             
(Seramu(セラミュ), the play adapted of sailor-moon which they were co-protagonists.)
and the video of her dancing is too cute,
those shots are treasures. ☀︎︎

You can be calm and charming and cool, 
or also be vulnerable enough to make you want to protect her with a hug, 
all about her is charming, and I love it all!

I hope we can enjoy our activities together until the day you graduate. 
It'll be lonely.
Kana-san! thanks for the graduation announcement.

Have a good night.

and smile a lot, okay~!

Are positivity and negativity something we're born with?
Do we have to go through a lot of things in our lives and feel differently to separate ourselves from one to another?

I wonder if there's an answer to that question ('-')



NakadaKanashika   610
by Akimoto Manatsu

Congratulations on your graduation announcement!

To who is this blog for... I'm not sure, lol.
First of all, thanks for your effort with the announcement ☺️

"send this to her!" that's how it feels. lol                 (means that the importance of the situation gives a push to post this.)

We have very similar priorities and backgrounds, so she's like an old friend.
We're not too clingy to each other so we're not too close, 
but I'm sure the relationship will stay the same forever, or that I think. (^^)

I'm posting some old photos of the old days....

First kouhaku.

Handshake event.

PlatinumFLASH(fashion magazine)..

The time when we were separated.

Let's stay together okay.

Kana's beauty increases with age!
I'm so jealous~! !

let's keep up the good work

well then, see you soon.

Translator: rororz2 

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