Blog Translation: Shibata Yuna (August 1st, 2020)

The Sound of Summer


Shibata Yuna here.

I can't believe it's already August!!
time flies by really fast (・・;)

I have a feeling I say this all the time lol

Today is my beloved Reis Birthday~!
We're back to being the same age again

Yuna has been the big sister for about 5 months

Let's do our best again this August! ( ¨̮ )

moving on, Have you watched Nogiskits' latest episode~?

by the way, I did my best as one of the "Smile Girls" to cheer and support Morita-san who wants to go to the bathroom!

I also did cheerleading when I was in elementary school and I remember the times when I danced with a huge smile on my face.

This time, I did the skit with a big smile unlike my usual villain role ☺︎

It was really fun (^^)

I hope I get to do cheerleading again (*´-`)
I'm going to answer questions!

・Is there any food you'd like to try this year?
→I'd like to try Spicy food!
but I always end up with a stomachache after eating (・・;)

・From the hairstyles that you do, which one is your favourite?
→Half-up! (Half Ponytail)

・Is there anything you'd like to do while you're still a student?
→For work I'd to have a gravure shoot while wearing a uniform (*´-`)

・Are there any Clothes that you want to wear this summer?
→I want to wear pants that aren't jeans!
I used to wear skirts all the time last year and even when I wore pants, they were show pants, but this year I've started wearing jeans a lot!

But I do wear skirts, though (^^)

・I can't wait to meet you soon! I hope this message reaches you!!
→It reached me~! Yuna also wants to meet you soon!

・What clothes do you prefer men to wear?

・I'm a girl one year younger than you, Yuna,  and I'd love to know what your favorite clothing brands are and what your lipstick are!
→ My favorite clothing brands are often Heather, Olive des OLIVE, X-girl, and MOUSSY!

I use a lot of different lipsticks, but lately I've been using Dior's lip glow, which is hard to remove because I wear a mask!

・What do want to eat right now?

・I think you always say "Good Night" through mobame (mobile mail) a bit early, around what time do you usually go to sleep~??
→I sleep at around 10PM to 11PM ☺︎

That's it!

I want to show-off my ponytail ( ¨̮ )
I'm curious about that piece that sticks out


We, 4th gens are going to be performing our song 『I see...』on TV Tokyos 『Premier MelodiX!』

I didn't expect to be called in a Music show with just the 4th gen members. I'm really happy!

It will be on August 3 starting at 1:20AM!

I hope it's cooler this summer

Tommorow will be the start of Chiba Prefectures' Highschool Baseball tournament

Yuna really looks forward to it. A lot!

Thank you for reading! Until next time!

Translator: sushi_xyrus46


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