Mobame Translation - Wakatsuki Yumi (November 30, 2018)

I hope you'll keep smiling forever.

This is the final mail I'm sending you.

But I have a request.

Don't get all sentimental. Don't be sad. I mean of course I'm happy if you're sad for my sake but...

It's not like I'll disappear. The place I'm aiming for is the complete opposite of disappearing!

I have so many great, treasured memories.

I've mentioned it on my blog before, but I see the past as something beautiful

It's said that stuff that once troubled you will eventually turn into good memories, and I think so too. 

I'm glad over the stuff that's happened along the way.

That's why part of me feels like I want to hang onto it. It's gonna be difficult to create something that lives up to this beautiful thing we made together. Even so, I'll do my best.

I'll give my all, one step at a time, again. So please wait for me. 

Forgive me for writing such a long post even though it's a mail, but it's the last one after all. 

What I want to say is... Thank you for reading all my meaningless, vague and selfserving mails up until today. 

Among you are probably people who don't oshi me too, but all of you are the nicest people there are. 

Thank you for everything up until now.

Translated by @queenAgonna
Brought to you by @BeamSubs

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  1. Then.. she graduate
    we can call this is the 1st day nogi without waka
    will miss her, the ikemen girl, but also the girly girl :)

  2. The best girl leaves Nogizaka46...
    But hopefully enters her new dreams and shares them with us :D

  3. we've lost the most handsome member of nogizaka. T_T
    she was indeed the best member of nogizaka, every group needs a character like her. :( congrats..


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