LAST NUMBER (Feat. Himeka Nakamoto) - RADIO FISH (English Subtitles)

RADIO FISH's song with Himetan in honor of her graduation. An extremely touching and catchy song.

(The twitter feed is just fans saying their thanks and congrats on her graduation, it would be a bit too tedious to time/translate/typeset accordingly, and it would just be too much text on the screen at once)

Contributors :
Timer: himetanslonelydimple
Translator: Queenachima

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  1. LOVE IT

    thank you RADIO FISH for choosing himetan, well they know each other :)

    also thanks BEAM! for the sub, i love this song. Its like a song that meant to be for himetan grad.

  2. just wanna ask. since Himetan graduate who is your oshi now?

    1. Beam Subs has various team members. We each have our own oshi. I don't know if she was anyone's absolute #1 oshimen, but we all definitely admired her enough to make her a big part of our fansub.

      Me personally, although my pen name is "himetanslonelydimple", my oshi has always been Wakatsuki Yumi which might surprise some people lol

  3. My oshimen is also Wakatsuki Yumi :D
    but she will graduate soon :(


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