Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (December 30th, 2022)

 Looking Back & Lots of Gratitude and Thanks!

This is Okamoto Hina (19), from Aichi.

This is my last blog for this year.

I've been desperately fulfilling the works I'm facing,
as I continue facing forward, the year has come to an end.
This is the period that passes the fastest ever.

Once again please let me express my gratitude once again.

To all the fans, the 5th gen members, the seniors, the staff.
I'm very grateful to everyone.

Thanks to all of you, I was able to do my best throughout the year.

Those who directly conveyed their message through comments and Meet & Greet,
those who supported with the penlights.
It is immeasurable how much encouragement and how much strength it has given me.
I'm filled with gratitude.

Please, let me say it again,
Thank you so much.

Next year I will continue doing my best, I will be in your care!

Next year will be the year of rabbit

I mustered my courage and was able to take a picture with Kaki-san,
we happened to be in the same shoot

Thanks to the Rabbit ears, it feels like I'm down to critical HP,
truth is during audition period, I watched Kaki-san's video as motivation to praice my dance!

Our first two-shot
I'm very happy!

~ Gratitude for Xmas ~

To everyone who participated in the online Meet & Greet,
Thank you very much!

And also, thank you for the Meet & Greet Xmas,
It was the first time for the 5th generation to participate from round I.

I was waiting while having slightly negative thought,
wondering if anyone would come to see me so early in the morning
, however,
seeing the number of waiting people, I cried a little during the break.

There were a lot of people who come for the first time,
mentioning how they got drawn from the fixed camera, blog, or tv program.
It really makes me happy!

I'm still not used to having so many people come to see me, so I'm not good at allocating time,
I'm sorry I couldn't go to the fixed camera during break time because I was occupied changing my hair.
I'll do better for the next Meet & Greet

During the Xmas Meet & Greet many people also congratulated my birthday
To prepare cakes & set up decorations, I feel so blessed & happy
I'm so happy I don't know what to say😭

I will treasure everything, thank you very muchπŸŽ‚

I actually sneaked off to Nogizaka Station~!

From the moment I arrived in the station,
I recall feeling so happy seeing someone taking picture with the poster.
I nervously waited behind the pillar and finally take a photo for myself.

I never imagined in my life that the day would come when my poster would be put up in a train station,
I'm so thrilled!
Thank you so much!

I received a lot of colored letters and messages from fans
I'm so happy that this make my teared-up(Ρ‚-Ρ‚)

Also, I received gifts from Tamami-san and Kanagawa-san😭πŸ₯²πŸ’•︎
I have them displayed at home and haven't used them.
They also contacted & congratulated me on my birthday,
to present such a blissful day, I love my senpais!

~ First Time on Rajira ~
I took part in Rajira after Meet & Greet

Althought I was stiffs before the mic,
Rika-san kindly reached out to me & we had so much fun conversations.

I received a lot of special moves! I secretly wish for one, so it  really made me happy!
Since I'm pretty much a machine-gun talker, I love the radio where I can speak a lot!🀣

It was the first time I had the opportunity to work with Rika-san, I'm really happy~
The way you dress up, and choosing accessories, I always use them as reference!
I received a letter along with clothes

I'm thrilled, it makes me so happy!
"Thank you so much, I'm very happy, I will forever treasure it!", I conveyed my gratitude 3x that day
I wonder if I were being too much of a bother(´•̥Ο‰•̥`)
I will convey it the 4th time here, "Rika-san, I will treasure this for the rest of my life!."

Very well, let's continue to the last Q&A for the year

✄------------------------------- ✄

🍠 What shaved ice is the most delicious you had this year?
πŸ’™ Pumpkin & Tiramisu was the best

🍠 What kind of clothes do you like to see for a women to wear?
πŸ’™ In general, I like any clothes, however I'd prefer girls who wear cute clothes

🍠 What is the flavoring of Ozouni in your family?
πŸ’™ Soy sauce!

The Ozouni my mom makes are really delicious, however I had bitter memories about it,
it was Ozouni without mochi with only a lot of vegetables prior to the competition.

This year I'd like to eat at least 2 mochi.

🍠 Please do the special move from Rajira in Meet & Greet!
πŸ’™ Certainly!

🍠 What Ferris-Wheel do you rode recently?
πŸ’™ I'm not good with them, so I don't really ride one

I'm good with thrills attraction but Ferris-Wheel is NG🎑
People who shakes in Ferris-Wheel will get this✊

🍠 How should I adress you? Okamoto-san feels so distant and Hii-chan must feel to close right?, I'd be happy if you could let me know!
πŸ’™ I don't have certain preference, as long it's not a hurtful nickname, even Hii-chan would make me happy!

🍠 A long time ago on your blog you said that dark pink eyeshadow under the black eye lowers the eye position, I would like to know which brand that is! also have you changed any makeup since then?
πŸ’™ Clio's SIMPLY PINK Palette

The one on the top right,
I used to tend to wear pink makeup in the summer, but lately beige and gold has been my go-to!

🍠 What do you want to eat during winter?
πŸ’™ Shaved-ice!

🍠 Aren't the shaved-ice period already over? (lol)
πŸ’™ From summer to this day, I've accumulated up to 30th folder of shaved-ice records

🍠 Something to pay attention to for skin-care?
πŸ’™ Keep it moisturized all the time!

🍠 In the cinema, where do you sit?
πŸ’™ in general around the back where there are not much people

✄------------------------------- ✄

The end! that's the last questions for this year!
Thank you for the questions!
Next year, I hope I will be able to tell you a lot more about myself through this question corner.

~ Up to Boy ~
Up to Boy, which will be released next month, has 10 pages of my solo gravure!
Thank you so much(´•̥Ο‰•̥`)

I was itching to tell you all about it,
I love the fans who are happier than myself as soon as my magazine appearance is decided.

I also did a little ballet🩰
Once again it was a moment when something I long for become reality,
I never thought I would see the day when I would be featured in a magazine while dancing ballet.
I'm happy to be able to give back something to my teacher and family.

Tomorrow is my first appearance in Kouhaku Uta Gassen
I will be standing on that big stage that I have been watching from my kotatsu for the past 18 years,
I will stand on the stage tomorrow to express my gratitude to the staff, seniors, and fans who have made Nogizaka46 what it is today.
I will be in your care!

Thank you for reading my last blog of the year to the very end.

Tomorrow's blog will be by Aya!

Recently, my folder is filled with Aya's sleeping face!

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