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I Have Recovered!! #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

Dear everyone,
I'm very sorry that I have to take absent on September 4th when Meet & Greet took place.
It pains my heart knowing that you took time & was looking forward to this event.

I was very frustrated because it was my first Meet and Greet, and it was also the first occasion for me to talk to my fans.

Also thank you very much for all the kind words, comments that were worried about me, for me to not exert myself too much. Your encouraging words were very comforting.

I'll use this frustation to fuel my energy, please come and see the powered-up myself in the next Meet & Greet!!

To start over..

This is Okamoto Hina, 18 years old, from Aichi!

I've returned!!

Since the start of me living by myself in Tokyo, I feel so much stronger now that I've overcome the fear of getting sick in a situation where my mom is absent.

Nevertheless, I will not let my guard down and will be even more careful in my infection control measures!.

It's already September before we knew it!
The season for sweet-potato is coming🍠
I'm so excited!!
This year, I'll also eat one sweet-potato every day!
I'll be careful to not gain too much weight!

Also, I bought too many accessories online during my recovery period,
I'm still reflecting on my action right now..
I'll show you what I bought in Meet & GreetπŸ˜‚

I also bought pink clothes, which I don't usually wear~!
Furthermore, I'll match it with half-twin!

I'm contemplating to go all out for cute concept. 
I'm spending my days thinking about all kinds of things.

I'm looking forward for the day I can talk to everyone!

Well then, let's move on to the Q&A section!
There will be slightly more than usual this time!! m(_ _)m


🍠Please let me know which character do you like!!
πŸ’™Chikawa the rabbit🐰

🍠Which classics have a special place in your heart?
πŸ’™The Nutcracker's Waltz of the Flowers

I recall being scolded alot.. (lol)
I was too young at the time, so the steps were too difficult for me.

It's a very precious song for me!

🍠What vegetable do you like?

I love to put miso on it and snacks on it!!

🍠I'd like to see a photo of your long hair!
I realize that one's face can visibly changes within 6 months..
Somehow.. I'm looking somewhat childishπŸ˜‚

🍠What do you mindful of when performing?
πŸ’™To dance with care and attention from your fingertips to your toes.

To be precise in your movements, but use your body in a big way to make it look dynamic.

There are so many instances when I feel glad I took ballet lessons, I am glad I did my best back then. Such thoughts often come to mind, once again, I'm very grateful

🍠Let me know what clothes you're after in snidel aw~!
πŸ’™"Make your heart skip a beat, autumn skin exposure" / '
Dokitto miseru aki no hada mise'
⤴︎⤴︎ isn't this concept too cute?
There are several things that catches my eye, however I'm particularly eyeing for:
・Raccoon Knit Cardigan
・Double-cuffed shirt.

I love autumn clothes!!
I'm looking forward to it~!

🍠Do you put salt on your watermelon or not?
πŸ’™I do!

I recall putting some when I had swollen feet!

🍠Things you do to maintain your figure?
πŸ’™・Not going to bed with full stomach
・If I think I'm gaining weight, I would restrict my diet and start exercising more
・I take a half body bath every day, for about an hour!
・Drink ~2 liters of water daily
Take care of the swollen on that very day
・Eat your white rice

⤴︎⤴︎During high-school, I restricted myself to not eat white rice, which made me hungry and ultimately made me easier to gain weight. All in all it was very stressful!

I feel like I've been on a healthier diet since I started eating the right amount of rice!
You need to eat a bit of rice, even if it's a small portion!🍚

If you can make it a habit, it's your win!
Let's do our best!

🍠How do you find your psyllium color among so many psylliums!?
πŸ’™Perhaps because I have good eyesight?!

During tour, it comes to mind that I'm good at finding my own psylliums (lol)
I'm very happy to have found so many of themπŸ’œπŸ’™

🍠I'd like to see a photo of you wearing Dragons' uniform


It was when my grandpa took me along

At any rate, my family loves the baseball game, and we often go to the stadium to watch!
Next time, I'd love to go with Kubo-san..⚾️

🍠I'd like to know what lipstick you used during the CDTV!
πŸ’™I think it was the combination between Lip Monster #02 & #07

I tend to use Lip Monster, which color doesn't fade.


Thank you for all the questions this time as well!
Here a nostalgic shot!

Lately, we talked about the early days!
We had a blast and couldn't stop laughing when we shared our first impressions of each other! πŸ˜‚

During the tour, I felt that I've gotten better at remembering the choreo.
In the past, it'd take me the entire day to remember a one-minute choreo (lol)
Everything was new to me, without knowing left-right, all I could do was desperately catching-up.
Have I showed some improvement since then

A photo when I visited Io-chan's roomπŸ“Έ
It was a lovely room~🌼

Lastly, it was a photo of me imitating Manatsumuri!πŸ˜‚
On this day, the 2nd day of Jingu, the rain was pouring hard..


Thank you for reading to the end, let's meet again in 10 days!

Tomorrow's blog will be AyaπŸ…, who have been rebelling a lot lately
She's really cute~πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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