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 Daisuki #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

This is Okamoto Hina, 18 years old, from Aichi!

With today's Jingu performance, "Nogizaka46 Midsummer National Tour 2022" has come to an end.
This is the last day.
I cried a lot
Thanks to the pat on the back from Maaya-san, I can go onstage and had a lot of fun today.

Until last year, August 31st is a day when
I'm desperately trying to finish my home assignments however today, August 31st is such a happy day this year, and it became a very important day for me.

Around the last 2 months, 11 of us 5th generation, have been desperately catching up.
At first, we couldn't display the performance as we desired it to be, there were a lot of regrets where we felt disheartened.

But when I saw the smiling faces of the fans from the stage, it inspires me to do my best again tomorrow.
The glowing blue-purple penlights, uchiwas, towels and everyone's smiles, all of them become my very motivation.
To everyone who came to the venue and everyone who sent me lots of support through the streaming service. Thank you so much.
I'm really happy.

Also, thanks to this tour, I have more opportunities to talk with many senpais.

With Mizuki-san that I admiredπŸ’™πŸŒ™
Mizuki-san reached out to me when my stomach was huring due to nervousness prior to the live
Mizuki-san also laughed a lot when I spilled all the water from the plastic bottle in my bag, which is also a precious memory! (?)

When I walk by myself, Rika-san would come from behind and cuddle to me

Shared a Pino with Asuka-san♡
Promised to go shopping with Yakubo-sanπŸ›’➰(yey!!)
Having Kakehashi-san to pat me in the back prior to the live to get myself fired up!!😭

Tamami-san requested to take a picture together with me (;Π΄;)‪
I was aligned with Tamami-san when I was given the opportunity to participate in [Sakanatachi no LoveSong]🐟

During the 5ki speech on the first day in Aichi, I was so nervous that I felt as if my heart was about to jump out of my mouth, at that moment Higuchi-san approached me, gave me advices and wished me luck.

Having our eyes met, dance together, walking together towards the flower road, watching her back in Nogizaka no Uta, thinking that this is the last time we'll be together, I couldn't hold back the tears.

I want to become such a wonderful senpai someday.
Is what I thought.
I love you very much!

This tour has truly given me countless happiness and memories.
Thank you so much!

From the stage, I could see a lot of Kamehameha request on the Uchiwas
And I shot with all my might! I'll shoot a lot of it, so be careful not to get blown away!
Also, my favorite special moves are as follows: Kienzan, Spirit Swords & Big-bang Attack.

I'll give you a hint here,
in order to shoot a good Kamehameha is to slightly bend the first joint of your finger!
Hopefully it could come handy when the time come!!?

Thank you very much to all the Hinadan who sent congratulatory flowers to each venue!!
Each and every single one of them were so cute that I'm already excited even before the live

I wish I could've taken them homeπŸ’.°♡

And here, I got a little story about Naonao✉✍
Just prior to Jingu's first day, we called each other a lot!
Be it during transporting around or in the dressing room
Nao would quietly come sit next to me and hold my hand,
then say, "Hina I love you", she's so cute
it feels like I'm having a little sister!

On the day of the Aichi performance, she happily showed me her hair
saying, "I got the same hairstyle as Hina!"

The two of us would practice the choreo for SukiRock until late night,
we confirm our standing position, even to the last minute.
That's why it feels very frustrating, regretful, and lonely,
because I'm so closely watching your hard work.

Let's promise we'd go together next year!
I'm praying for your speedy recovery🧸


There are a lot of questions regarding the Meet & Greet, so let me answer it!

🍠 I might get nervous, can we still have a conversation?
πŸ’™ I also really nervous on my first Meet & Greet, but more than anything, I look forward to speaking to my fans!
I would be happy if I could provide a memorable for you. I'll do my best

🍠 Is it okay if I just want to see you face?
πŸ’™ ....?!
I think it's interesting to start-off Meet & Greet by suddenly starting a staring contestπŸ˜‚
So long you enjoy it, it's okay!

🍠 How should I refer to you?
πŸ’™ I'll leave it to you!
I'll be happy, even if you simply called out my name!

🍠 Is it okay if we talk about beauty-related stuffs?
πŸ’™ I'd love to🀀
Seems I won't be able to contain myself..
I'm told that I often speak too fast when it comes to talk about things that I like.
That's also one of my appeal (LOL)

What I have in my mind right now is about what kind of hairstyle
and outfit to wear for Meet & Greet
If you'd like to see a certain hairstyle, please let me know in the comments.

I'm already excited..
There's a part of me that also counting down the day until the Meet & GreetπŸ€—

I will wait for you!


Also, the other day have aired the new episode of [Nogizaka Star-Tanjou!]
Where I got to sing [Baby! Koi ni Knockout] with Goto Maki-san

Goto Maki-san was so beautiful, I couldn't help but to get fascinated by her beauty
It is a very important song for me because through the practice, I discovered a new way to sing it in my own way

About Individual PV!
Have you guys seen it?πŸ‘¨‍🍳
I haven't had the courage to see it yetπŸ˜‚

Nao was sitting next to me when the Individual PV was released,
She keeps smiling, telling me it was interesting.

On this PV I'm acting as a sous' chef,
The recording was so much fun and free that it worries me
Is it okay for me to acting the way as I am?

As it's my first time to attempt acting a drama,
I find it was a struggle to deliver my lines in a natural way
I wonder if the result were okay..?

Shall the opportunity arise, I'll show you my cooking!! (loudly)

I don't have the face to face my mom..
‎( )

I'm hoping to hear your thought in Meet & Greet or in the comments


My clear file is on display at Tower Records Nagoya Parco! !

If you have the time, please give it a visit~!!

Tomorrow's blog will be by Aya!πŸ…

It seems her rebellious phase has started towards Hina as well
I said to Kuuchan "It's her growth process, right?" with a smile
When I called her out, "Aya~ You are so cuteee~!" she'd response with this face →・̆ΰΌ₯・̆  )

She's getting too cute, I'm worried I'd eat her.
I heard such phenomenon is called "Cute-Agression" (according to Teresa🐼)

Feels like I've gotten smarter!


Thank you for reading to the very end!

Let's meet again in 10 days
well thenπŸ‘‹

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