Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (August 20th, 2022)

 MV & Sendai!! #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

It's Okamoto Hina, 18 years old, from Aichi, Japan!

Last week, the MV for [Band-Aid Hagasu You Na Wakarekata] has been released!🩹πŸŽ₯

At any rate, the big ribbon at the back is just so cuteπŸŽ€

Also, it's been awhile since I last wear a uniform
⤵︎ ⤵︎

We all took classes together during the shoot!
We are all different in age & born in different place yet we are together in this classroom.

It was a strange feeling.

The two who were still in JK mood(?)

She's cute, funny, and kind. I love you!
I wish we had met earlier~🀝

Actually, the seat I sat on the MV,
is the actual seat I sat on my school days!

After the music video was released, a high-school friend contacted me
["It's rare to see you awake and in class"], she said

Eehh.. that part? ~ I thought

Thank you for always waking me up and giving me answers

Lately I've been hooked with Netflix,
and once I get into something, I can't stop watching it
Right now I'm immersed in "Stranger Things"..
I'm sad that I'm almost done watching all the 4 seasons..
I, wonder what I should watch next~
I'd like to hear your recommendation!

And also!
There's something I'd like to boast about!
On August 14th, 12:00 AM!
It was the birthday of my beloved Yakubo-senpai!
I've been staring at the clock since 11:59 PM!
It'll be something I could be proud of until her next birthday~!!😀✨

Yakubo-senpai always smells so good whenever I approach her and she would chat a lot with me,
Also, during the live, she did my make-up

Yakubo-senpai who are always beautiful and stylish

I truly and truly admire and love you!! (loudly)

Since I've expressed my love a lot, let's continue to Q&AπŸ‘€


🍠 What do you find delicious in Hokkaido?
πŸ’™ Let's see.. all of them!

I was so moved by the potatoes, white-rice & the seafood!!
I also bought a lot of souvenirs~ (♯゜_゜)‪🐼(LOL)

🍠 I'd like to know the lipstick you used for the MV
πŸ’™ I'm so glad you noticed the part I'm so obsessed with!

CLIO Dew Blur Tint 04
KATE Lip Monster 02

They won't wear off even if you wear mask for extended period!πŸ’„πŸ’•
I love these products because they gave-off natural clarity feeling!

🍠 I'd like to know your favorite skin-care product!
πŸ’™ ANUA Dokudami 77% Soothing Toner
For moisturizer I'm using Kiehl's cream

It's necessary to take care from the outside but I also careful about what I eat,
so I try to not eat too much of fried foods.

I said that but just yesterday, I ate deep-fried sweet potato with Iroha

🍠 You mentioned your Sakurazaka oshi is Ten-chan, but do you have oshi in Hinatazaka?
πŸ’™ Saito Kyoko-san

Since high-school I've been studying Kyoko-san's eye-bag make-up!
The height of my half-twin was also imitating Kyoko-san's.

🍠 Please let me know your recommendation for this week's Starbucks custom order!
πŸ’™ Vanilla Cream Frappucino!

· Add choco chips
· Add more whipped cream
· Top it with choco sauce

It's undoubtly the most delicious, however it's also a calorie bomb!
I've decided to only drink it when I really worked hard!

For your information, that's my self-reward frappucino☕πŸ’­

🍠 What is your favorite Nogizaka's outfit?
πŸ’™ My favorites are from: Anastasia, Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru,  Route-246, Sayonara no Imi, Yoake Made Tsuyogaranaku mo Ii, Arigachi na Renai, Ima-Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru, Suki to Iu no wa Rokku-daze!

🍠 I'm not good with Japanese, will we be able to converse in English?
πŸ’™ Leave it to me! I'll do my best to converse in English within my capabilities!

It's something I'm confident at!!

I've attended several workshops from ballet teachers from overseas,
I don't understand what they were saying, however I looked-up and took lessons, so it's fine! (random confidence)

I'm really glad that whenever I updated my blog, there are people translating and reading it.
I'm very happy, thank you very much!

I'll be waiting for you!!


The end!!

I'd like to thank you for the questions for this time,
and I'll be looking forward to your next comments!

~ Announcements ~

On Friday, August 26th,
We, 5th generations, will appear on MUSIC BLOOD!!

We are so grateful that we could be invited to appear in such a program,
as it's not even 6 months since we have debuted.
I am filled with gratitude. We will do our best, so if you'd like, please take a look ✨

Today is Manatsu-san and Iroha's birthdayπŸŽ‰
I love you

Iroha ~ let's make it a year full of happinessπŸ’•

And finally today!
Live in Sendai is starting! I'm excited as I wrote this blog,
Let's make the best summer memories together!!πŸŽ‰

Until next time then
- Okamoto Hina

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