Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (July 7th, 2022)

Dusky pink #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

Good evening

It's Okamoto Hina, 18 years old, from Aichi, Japan.

Summer has arrived now~🥵
I really feel like I'm about to melt away⎝。⌓°⎞
It's hot! hot! hot!!

I hardly go outside in the summer
I don't know how long it's been since I last went to the beach.
During my childhood I was very active, I'd go fishing and building secret bases in the park🧐
Nowadays, I like to watch movies in an air-conditioned room with tea and snacks and curl up under the futon.
I've seen a lot of movies, so I'd love to hear your movie recommendations 👀

Recent Makeup
Today I put makeup by myself

Dusky pink eyeshadow, brown mascara, bluish pink lips
I applied blush on my earlobes, tip of my nose, tip of my chin, and next to my eyes to create a unified look 👗

From long ago, I've always had a lot of complexes, and every day my makeup eventually got thicker and thicker.
On previous question corner, there was a question asking about my favorite part of my face however, I couldn't find an answer..
I've been trying to find it since this very day, however I still yet to find it (LOL)
Since joining Nogizaka, I have had more opportunities to have my makeup done by makeup artists.
I am amazed at the skills of the professionals, and I am learning from them.
I hope one day to be good enough to show it to you all!

with my dearest

Question corner!

🍠How often should I reapply sunscreen?
💙I apply it whenever my body needs it!

You can't re-apply it if you're wearing makeup😃I'd wear a hat and a parasol to stay out of the sun as much as possible!
I use "
La Roche-Posay Tone-up Clear" for sunscreen!

If you could be someone you'd like for 1-day, who'd you choose from 5th generation?

She is the ideal girl I want to be. Ever since I first saw Miku at the audition, I have wanted to be like her.
At any rate her face is cute, she has great taste in clothes, and is kind to everyone,
I figure i'd I wish I could be like Miku in every way, including her personality.
The other day, on Miku's blog, she wrote about me being the person who always the first come to help when it's always me the one receiving help.

I've made a great friend whom I want to stay with forever and ever!
A person who I'll certainly never met had I not joined Nogizaka.
I'm very glad to have met Miku!, but I hope she doesn't sees this (embarassed)

🍠What summer wear do you recommend?
💙A black one-piece camisole dress👗💞

Kanagawa-senpai outfit was so fashionable and cool that I went to ask her which brand it was (LOL)
I bought it that very day from the internet, I'd hope to immediately shows it to you!

🍠Have you decided what you will have for dinner?
💙Always cucumber!

🍠Which color contacts do you use?
💙Chu's me peach brown👀

🍠Who is your favorite YouTuber?
💙I don't watch Youtube very much, however I'd ensure to always watch Hori Miona-san, Kano Eiko-san & Sashihara-channel videos!

Kano Eiko-san is really funny playing Resident Evil, giving nickname to enemies he encounters😂

🍠How were you like when you were younger?
💙I'm very outgoing & have a lot of scars! (LOL)

My dad and grandpa used to take me to the beach to fish and surf!
I'd like to go fishing sometimes this year.


That's for the day!

Thank you again for your many comments and questions!
Questions I haven't answered, I'll answer it next week~

And for the name suggestion to call the blog post from last week's
I'd like to go with #hinadaniblog from Hinadan's suggestion!

(T/N: Hinadan (ひな団) Hina = Okamoto Hina's name;
団 = unit, presumably what Okamoto Hina's fans called themselves)

Many of the Hinadans suggested to use #hinadani blog, so I decided to go with it! thank you very much for everyone for giving your ideas!

I received a lot "I won the ticket for Nation-tour!" report in the comments, thank you very much!
Meeting you all and doing Meet and Greet are my greatest motivations right now💪

I will do my best to give a good performance at every stage!
and finally, I would like to present my recommendations for place in Aichi~!

It's Nagoya TV Tower! it's a place I used to visit with my friends when we went shopping!

There is a gelato shop nearby and it is very good!🍦
By all means please come and visit!

If you visit Aichi, I'd suggest you must try their chicken wings and miso katsu!
They are so flavorful and delicious!
It's been awhile, so I'd like to have some as well🤤

This has become another uncoordinated blog once again, but thank you very much for reading all the way to the end!

See you again in 10-days!

Tomorrow's will be Aya

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