Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (July 29th, 2022)

Blue-Purple Penlights #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

It's Okamoto Hina, from Aichi, Japan!

I'm very excited today
Guess why??
The answer is because the live was so much fun!
I'm so glad to meet all of you!
As the live progresses, I noticed the increasing number of people waving my uchiwa, penlight and towel.
I am truly filled with gratitude😊
I'm looking forward to meeting the fans who will be coming to the remaining stages!
I love everyone in Hinadan! I'm truly grateful.
Perhaps I'm good at finding my penlight colors, I could immediately identify even the fans who are far from distanceπŸ’™πŸ’œ
"Did our eyes met?", dear Hinadans, you are not mistaken!πŸ‘€
 Also there are many others who commented on the blog saying, "I'll be attending this stage on this day", I'll continuously looking for you!
and on the remaining stages, if you let me know, "I'll be around this seat", I may go look for you there!
So long you wave the blue-purple penlights, our eyes will meet!πŸ‘€
Also, last week Higuchi Hina-san and Wada Maaya-san announced their graduation.
As I was anticipating to work together with them in the future, I couldn't stop crying when I heard the sudden announcement.

Higuchi-san taught me the choreos, and even during the rehearsals for the tour, she kindly showed me where to stand and where's the camera position in a way that even a silly person like me could understand

I had the opportunity to sing with Maaya-san at Star-Tanjou, she'd taught me choreos after voice training, gave me clothes, and told me many interesting stories. When I had worries she'd gave me kind advices, truly a senpai I love so much!

I love her so much that I went and hug her during the live(*´-`*)
Since I come to get more and more fond of her and our distance closer, it'll be very hard by the time we have to part, it ache my heart just thinking about it.

I'd like to cherish this moment right now where we still able to work together.

The number of things I treasured is increasing, I'm very happy!



Questions corner!

🍠 I'm not very good at conversation, what should I talk about during meet and greet?


πŸ’™ I'm good at it, I love it! leave it to meπŸ’ͺ
Talk about your favorite anime, beauty, interesting stuffs, clothes, and the delicious things you've eaten lately.. I can't stop!!
I have a lot I'd like to talk about!
There's a lot of interesting stories that I haven't manage to deliver through blog post, those who are worried about the conversation please do not worry about it!


I will wait for you!


🍠 What's your latest way to refresh yourself?


πŸ’™ Looking for new clothes on day off for example, or go out to eat delicious shaved-ice maybe, I also love to go out to watch stage-plays!

My personal favorite stage-plays are as follows: The Bells of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Little Mermaid!

The person who played Ariel, who danced while being suspended on a wire, her core strength never cease to amaze me!


Recently, I've been itching to visit Takarazuka


🍠 Was the Takoyaki delicious?

πŸ’™ I was moved, it was my first time encountering a takoyaki that contain such gooey-ness on the inside!
The shop have a branch in Tokyo, I think I will pay them a visit!

I also had a Negipon, cheese-mentai with salted truffle with sauce & soy-sauce flavor!

↑ indeed, I ate too much


🍠 Have you decided on a catchphrase yet?


πŸ’™ I still don't have it..😭

to have a cute secret-move like Kuu-chan would be cute I figure, I'd like to ask for some suggestions..😒

🍠 Which baseball team do you like?


πŸ’™ I don't know much about baseball, however my family is loves Chunichi Dragons!

🍠 I'd like to see Hina-chan in glasses!



The off-shot kinda photo!! LOL
ah.. somehow I'm embarassed


🍠 What sport are you good at?

πŸ’™ Badminton🏸

I miss those time I battled with my all during gym class😒
I'd love to meet again with everyone and have another go at it..



Thanks again for the questions for this week!
I'd be happy if you could learn more and more about me through this

Also, thank you very much to everyone who sent congratulatory flowers🌸

I'm very-very-very happy!

I'll ensure to carefully take a good picture of them so they could remain beautiful, so they will never wither🌷🌺


It becomes a routine for me to look at them before going up on-stage, they would always make me happy and give me a peace of mind   

 Thank you for the lovely flowers!🌷


Lastly, guess what day is today??

Answer is.. it's Io-chan's birthday!!

I pray for you to have a lot- lot- lots of fun in your 17s!!


~ Announcement ~

I'll appear on radio at July, 31st (Sunday) in Nogi no No!

🎈Although, I was practically tearing-up during my introduction at the exploding-balloon

I hope you'd tune in since I really-really and truly did my best
 •̥ Λ •̥  )‬


 ↑ I had half-twin here, you knowπŸ˜‹


I'll see you again in 10 days!


Tomorrow's blog with be AyaπŸ…


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