Blog Translation: Okamoto Hina (July 18th, 2022)

Enthusiasm #hinadaniblog Okamoto Hina

I'm Okamoto Hina, from Aichi, Japan.

Lately, it's been raining a lot~☔️
I'm not very good with the rain, as it curls my hair
however, I do love the smell when rain pour down

I wonder if anyone understand this~??

Ah! thank you for all the fan letters! I'm opening the envelopes with excitement!!
to those who sent me letters, thank you so much💌

And so, the tour will start from tomorrow!!
It'll be my first tour and there will be a lot stuffs I'm unfamiliar with

Every day has been hectic!
I'm still uncertain with my arm movement
and I can't seem to get my hips on the correct choreo

I feel like there's a lot to worked on..
The angle of the neck, the complex footsteps..

Looking at the senpais who managed to synchronize their move,
it made me realize that I need to work harder☹️

The other day, Higuchi-san and Kubo-san taught me the choreo~😭😭
They would go out of their way to help my practices😭😭

Thank you very much‪( ´•̥  ̫ •̥` )‬
I will grind my practice enough so that I can do the choreo naturally💪

During this tour, I have a goal I want to achieve,
that is, to meet the fans in the eye and to wave back at them!

There's still a regret that remain during Birthday Live, where I wasn't able to interact enough with the fans as I was desperately following the movement prompt🙃

I hope to give a performance that everyone who buys a ticket and comes to the venue could truly enjoy from the bottom of their heart.

For the fans who made Uchiwa of me, the fans who raised my towel, the fans who commented, “I won the ticket for this day.” !!
I'll find you, please wait for me!👀👀👀👀

I'm really looking forward to the day I'm seeing you all again!
I can't wait to talk with you to express my gratitude!

A picture of my recent drawing

Can you figure which character it was?
perhaps it's a little too easy to guess💦


🍠What is your must-buy during summer festival?
💙Candy apple and Choco-banana!
I and Miku had a talk about wanting to go to festival recently, we also talked about it there!

🍠What do you do if you feel sleepy during class?
💙”I'm not going to lose!.”, but sometimes you just can't help but to fall asleep🐑💤💭

I'm weak in the morning, so I often went to dreamland for the first period.
I'm sure there are a lot of forms when falling asleep, for me, I tend to the leaning to the side.

[You are slouching, Okamoto!] I recall my Japanese history teacher waking me up.

Good luck studying for the test!
 ˙-˙  )

🍠What movie have you watched recently? also your favorites!
💙Grand Illusion/ グランド・イリュージョン

Personally, I really liked it🎯
I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good twist!
I just couldn't take my eyes off of it 👀

for my favorite movie is "50 Times First-Kiss"
I've watched it for 5-6 times already (LOL)

It is a wonderful movie that makes you cry a lot and laugh a lot.

🍠What should I do to get noticed during live?
💙During the day, Uchiwa and towel are easy to find!
also please wave the penlight a lot, I'll do my best to wave back!

🍠How long have you been playing DBZ: Heroes?
💙The last time I was in the tournament was when I was in 5th grade.

Nowadays, when I pass by arcade with my father, he'd ask,
are you okay not playing Heroes?.
but I no longer have the courage to enter again, surely my Charge-Impact has gotten dull compared to back then.

🍠During your student days, which club do you belong to?
💙During middle-school, I was in art club, and I was in handicraft club during high-school🧵
Since my handwork is awful, I was disheartened after a month

🍠Nogizaka song you'd like to dance in the future?
💙Sing Out! Synchronicity, I really love the choreo of these 2 songs! I love it so much that my body dances on its own without I'm realizing it!

Another Ghost, If I could dance to this perfectly, I'd be so cool!

Route 246, I personally love the tune of the song and the outfits!

Also, Taiyou ni Kudokarete, Machine-gun Rain, Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru.. well, there's no end to this if I continue~

After-all Nogizaka's outfits are all well-thought-out and each of them are very cute, I can't choose!



Thank you for all the questions!
I'll also still be taking questions throughout the national tour, so please keep them coming!

and also, it's been decided that we, 5th generations will perform on TIF2022!!

We have just joined, to stood in such stage is something we never even dreamed of

Being blessed in this environment, I'm very blessed.
Let's enjoy it along with us!
ᕙ( ˙-˙ )ᕗ

To all of you coming to the convention tomorrow! Please come safe and sound!
I'll be waiting for you at the venue, thrilled and excited!
It would be great if I could show you all even that small improvement I achieved!
Let's enjoy this summer to the fullest!

and lastly..

my favorite photo..

Tomorrow's blog will be Aya🍅

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