Blog Translation: Yakubo Mio (December 21st, 2020)

#Nogiobi will start from 18:15 hrs~

It's Nogizaka46 4th Gen, Yakubo Mio.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

I found a Christmas tree ^^
It's almost the day, isn't it?~
Do you have any plans?
I'm going to spend it with my family again this year~

Sorry for the delay, I wrote in my last blog that I would write again soon.
I've been trying to write about the 4th Gen' live for a looong time because I can't put my feelings and words together (;_;)
I'm not very good at expressing myself with words.
So please wait for a bit!

I watched the Under Live!
I was so moved that I cried a lot...

The first live performance of Nogizaka I ever attended was the Under Live at Budokan in 2015.
I've always remembered it vividly.

I still have such memories, but my perspective has changed since then, and now I saw the live as a member.
They were cool, beautiful, pretty, cute, and amazing, they touched me emotionally in many ways.
My beloved Nogizaka was there.

I'm proud to be in the same group with such amazing people and to be able to watch their backs as a junior. It made me want to grow and learn more and more.

Today's Nogiobi will start from 18:15 hrs~
If you have time, please watch it (^^)

I like talking so much that I always, always end up talking a lot~ and also too fast~ it's fun though~

It's very cold these days so please stay warm!
See you!

2020.12.21 Yakubo Mio

Translator: rororz2

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