Blog Translation: Tsutsui Ayame, Hayashi Runa (December 10th, 2020)

Tsutsui Ayame

Isn't the blue great?

It's Tsutsui Ayame

The 4th gen live ended successfully!

After the live I felt sad for the first time
This might be the first time I've felt this way after one
That's how special this live was for the 4th gens!

We performed many of our seniors' songs.

We had to work together to resolve our concerns one by one and we had many discussions, 
so in order to continue with the live we thought that all that was left was to enjoy it ´`*

I performed "Shibuya Blues" as a unit with Nao-chan, Yuna and Sayaka.
I played the guitar with Sayaka~
I used to play the guitar when I was in Nagoya, but I hadn't played it properly for a year or two, so I was worried when I decided to play, but Sayaka led the way.
I was so happy the four of us were able to perform Shibuya Blues!

I was the center for "Inochi wa utsukushii" and "Boku no shoudou".

Personally, I like these two songs so much!
I like cool and stylish songs, so I was very happy to be the center for these two.
And I really loved the super cool shadow effect in Boku no shoudou ♪

Then we performed "Out of the blue", a 4th gen song, for the first time.
I love this song
It makes me excited just listening to it, and the hook in the choreography is so cute too.
By the way, the title of this blog is one of my favorite verses in the song.

Seira, congratulations on being the center! A wonderful and reliable sister!

Thanks for pulling and leading us all along during the live, too.

I think that Seira's pretty smile and maiden heart would fit the song very well ´`*

This live made me love the 4th gen even more, and made me want to work even harder from now on!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the live, and to everyone who worked together to make it happen

Well then

That's it for today

Tsutsui Ayame

Hayashi Runa

I didn't like myself     Hayashi Runa.
("Jibun no koto" first verse)

Thank you so much for the Nogizaka46 4th gen Live 2020.

One of my wishes was to perform in such a way that everyone would say with confidence that they like Hayashi Runa.

I wonder if I have achieved that.

This was the first live for the 4th generation after we became a 16-member group.

Needless to say, I also knew that it wouln't be easy.

But I thought I knew it all.

When I realized it, I was so busy trying to catch up with the others that I couldn't see what was going on around me.

Even so, I can still say "I had fun doing my best", because everyone helped me a lot along the way.

I'm going to work even harder so that I can return this gratitude.


In the unit corner, I was given the chance to sing as a soloist.

「Jibun no koto」「自分のこと」「About oneself」

An important song that gave me the strength to start walking again, over and over again.

When I heard that I was going to perform solo, this was the first song I chose. 

I have no memory of that moment when I was singing, because I was so nervous and had so many thoughts crossing and intersecting in my mind that my body couldn't take it.

It was a scrambled intersection of emotions.

I was probably thinking about a lot of things and almost cried when I remembered.

I'm lying, just sweating.

But I do remember the call-and-response section, where everyone cheered me on and said that I was doing great.

And after the live, I heard that Nakamoto Himeka-san had watched the 4th gen live.

I also received a message from her.

It made me want to work harder and harder.

The lightstick colors.

The importance of being able to use the pink × pink.
(It's also Nakamoto's colors)

I would like to continue to carry this important burden that I have come to feel with every nerve.

I performed a song that Nakamoto-san values very much, and I was able to perform the colors in my own way with great care.

Thank you very much.


In the encore, we performed the new song of the 4th gen members.

『Out of the blue』

It's the first 4th gen song I've participated in, and I really love the melody, the lyrics and the choreography.

Seira-chan, who is the center of the song, took care of me a lot through the whole live.
I can't thank her enough for accepting my genuine feelings and teaching me the choreography step by step.
Since we were often close to each other due to our positions, she saw things that I didn't notice.

I wanted to trust her wholeheartedly, and during the live I often thought about how important she was.

I really, really love you, Seira-chan


Tomorrow is Myu-chan.

Thank ya for real.

P.S. I'll write more behind-the-scenes stories in my column.

Adiós ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To be under such influence of someone else...

At that time, Miyu hugged me while giving me a look that said, "I'm not nervous!!"


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